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Entrepreneurs Roundtable: The CEO 90-Day Growth Plan


 1 hour

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Entrepreneurs Roundtable: The CEO 90-Day Growth Plan

What gets measured gets done. With your strategic direction and operational, marketing and financial plans in place, it’s now time to dive into action.

Rather than a “spray and pray” approach to your marketing and sales or relying solely on warm leads, how do you develop a plan that makes your revenue goals inevitable.

Whether you are a solopreneur or CEO of a small business, to succeed you need to:

  1. Understand your critical drivers of success that will ensure you meet your revenue goals
  2. What deliverables you will need to develop in order to support your ability to deliver.
  3. What programs and services to invest in to drive the biggest return.
  4. Who you need on your team in order to successfully reach those goals.
  5. The ONE Thing that will make reaching your goals easier and inevitable.

Led by Entrepreneur Chapter Leader, Deb Boulanger. A worksheet will be provided for you to take notes and document your 90-Day CEO plan.

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Full Agenda

  • 4-4:05pm - Intro
  • 4:05-5pm - Expert presentation and breakout discussions
  • 5-5:30pm - How to make the most of your Ellevate membership and open networking (optional)

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Kristy Wallace

Kristy Wallace

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CEO at Ellevate Network

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VP Operations & Strategy at Ellevate Network

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Rebecca Spitzer

Rebecca Spitzer

New York, NY

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Behnosh Najafi
Behnosh Najafi

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June 10, 2022