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November Virtual Book Cub: ''That Suburbia Lady: A Tale of a City, a Suburbia and a Leaning Bun of Mum''


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November Virtual Book Cub: ''That Suburbia Lady: A Tale of a City, a Suburbia and a Leaning Bun of Mum''

Join us for our monthly event where we engage, share, and discuss our learnings from some of the bestselling and inspirational personal development books of our time. A friendly, open learning space that provides accountability for anyone who wants to focus on their own development by reading, networking, and sharing thoughts with other professionals. 

At our book club meeting in November, we will be reading: That Suburbia Lady: A Tale of a City, a Suburbia and a Leaning Bun of Mum by Mariana Missakian, a leadership team member of Ellevate Dubai, who will be with us for this video call.

About the book

After living and working in the City for eighteen years, Mariana quits her job, to become a full-time mom and moves to Suburbia. She desperately tries to navigate a latex world she never knew existed before. She becomes the lady in spandex wearing her hair in a messy bun in a perfectly manicured gated society who tries, and fails on most days, to figure out how to best answer the question: “So, what do you do?”

To cope with her new social status and living in one of the most vibrant places in Dubai, Mariana started to write personal essays documenting all the crazy, silly happy and disappointing that goes on in her new gated community, debunking the idealized version of motherhood and what life in Suburbia is supposed to be.

That Suburbia Lady is a collection of 40 short stories, in the span of one year, 2019, the year she turns 40, the year when Mariana was rebelling against her new zip code, struggling to close the gap between who she used to be (#bosslady) and who she thought she was intended to be (#skinnybit*ch).

Ridiculous, and hilarious, and sometimes heart-braking, but always despicably sarcastic and brutally honest (no filters of any kind have been applied, no six-packs have been airbrushed and she fully paid for all the coffee she consumed while writing the book), That Suburbia Lady is about who you become when you leave behind everything you fought so hard to achieve to "fit in".

About the author

Mariana Missakian is Armenian, who was born and raised in Lebanon and lived there until she fell head over heels in love with a boy, got married and moved to Dubai at the age of 18.

She still lives in Dubai with her husband, (the same boy she fell in love with) and their son Enzo.

When she's not writing in her favorite coffee shop, Mariana spends her time reading, speaking on a stage, cooking, playing Nerf gun games with her son, and watching football with her husband - doing anything to keep her out of the gym.

That Suburbia Lady is her first book.

Where to get the book

To learn more

  • Check  Mariana's website
  • Watch Mariana's interview (YouTube, 44 min)

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