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Arts of Communication Coffee Connect: Navigating Anxiety

 1 hour & 30 minutes

Arts of Communication Coffee Connect: Navigating Anxiety

My daughter and I will be chatting about how to navigate anxiety personally and professionally. This is an opportunity to network as well as hear and share stories, tips, and strategies related to this month's topic.

Why talk about anxiety?

Well…I didn’t know my daughter K suffered from anxiety. From my vantage point, she seemed GOOD—a stellar student, gifted dancer, go-getter, and successful teacher.

But that’s not how K saw things. Growing up, K often felt really uncomfortable, thinking “what’s wrong with me?” Around the time K turned 24, her doctor suspected she might be suffering from anxiety, and she advised her to see someone.

K began to realize that the debilitating feelings she experienced everyday on her way to work, for example, stemmed from serious anxiety.

In my day (herein lies part of the problem), we didn’t call it that. Feeling nervous—not ANXIOUS—was just part of everyday life. You know, it built character, made you stronger, and was definitely something to be overcome.

Because of her anxiety, K was making decisions I disapproved of, which impacted our relationship in a negative way. I was still clinging to my “you can overcome anything” approach to life, while K was struggling with how to navigate the effects anxiety caused in her personal and professional life.

Over time, K found ways to more effectively deal with her anxiety. Also, we began to heal the divide between us by growing in our understanding of each other, learning how to grapple with anxiety, and, most of all, to accept its presence.

Join us as we share our story, strategies for coping with anxiety at work and at home, and our ongoing journeys. If comfortable, be ready to share your stories of navigating anxiety.

Join us IN PERSON the second Thursday of each month for networking, lively conversation, and timely takeaways for how to communicate more effectively. We'll meet at Egg Harbor Cafe in Elmhurst from 7:30-9:00 AM.

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Full Agenda

This is for you if:

  • You're excited to network again in person
  • You want to communicate with more confidence
  • You want to glean insights from meaningful conversations related to this month's topic

You'll learn:

  • Ways to speak up
  • How to engage with others on complex topics

What to expect:

  • A time to connect with others
  • An overview of the topic by Jenny and Kaitlin Riddle
  • Interactive discussion based on this month's topic: Navigating Anxiety

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