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Reinvention: Knowing it is Possible


 1 hour

Online • Closed Captioned • 

Reinvention: Knowing it is Possible

In this session, the Cincinnati Reinvention team will guide you through examples of what is possible.

We often hear if you can conceive it, believe it, you can achieve it. In this session we will share success stories and what has worked so people can transition to what is possible, what  believing it would look like and what has worked for other members just like you when stuck. 

 Many people struggle with making changes that stick. If this is you, don't worry, you're not alone. Most people find it difficult to make lasting changes. But it does not have to be hard or overwhelming.

Your takaways:

 - Proven skills and practices to reduce stress and overwhelm to to find moments of joy and ease during times of change... no matter what is going on around you.

 - Comfort knowing you are not alone in feeling anxiety, pressure and the stress of everyday living - not just during the pandemic.

 - Techniques that are logical and office appropriate.

 - Learn specific techniques to experience short moments of calm many times a day.

 - How to shift a moment to find that quiet space to quiet the mind and prepare you for continued success. 

The Reinvention Series: this is a year-long inquiry into tools and techniques to have massive shifts and transformations in your personal or professional life. Each month stands alone so attend one or attend them all and see where you are in a year! We will celebrate with you the amazing shifts and changes throughout the year.

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Kristy Wallace

Kristy Wallace

New York, NY

Former CEO at Ellevate Network

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CEO at Ellevate Network

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Rebecca Spitzer

Rebecca Spitzer

New York, NY

VP of Product and Technology at Ellevate Network

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