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​Ignite Your Leadership Superpowers: A Masterclass with Avil Beckford!


 1 hour

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​Ignite Your Leadership Superpowers: A Masterclass with Avil Beckford!

Tired of those untouched stacks of promising leadership books gathering dust? Imagine a world where you not only absorb the wisdom of these invaluable reads but actually master their insights in record time!

Join us for a power-packed lunch and learn session with the brilliant Avil Beckford, a trailblazing business consultant and the visionary behind The Invisible Mentor, Art of Learning Leadership Academy, and The One Problem Podcast.📚

Unveil the Secrets: Avil Beckford's Unique Reading Technique

Avil Beckford is about to reveal her game-changing method to crack the code of nonfiction gems swiftly and with lasting impact. Say goodbye to endless hours lost in pages and welcome a strategic approach that fuels efficiency while supercharging your leadership finesse and business acumen.

Who's Avil Beckford?

Avil Beckford is not your typical consultant - she's a time-saving maestro! With her strategic reading system, she's been empowering senior executives and savvy business owners to harness the power of information. Her expertise has garnered recognition from prestigious platforms like Investor's Business Daily, Forbes, and Medium.

Ready to Unleash Your Leadership Potential? 🔥Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to tap into Avil Beckford's transformative wisdom. It's time to unlock a new realm of leadership prowess and elevate your career to unparalleled heights!

RSVP today to secure your spot among the trailblazing leaders ready to revolutionize their reading game! Get ready to conquer books like never before, all while mastering the art of effective leadership. See you there! 

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Kristy Wallace

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Rebecca Spitzer

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