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Man Speak is Sexy: Be Assertive without being Obnoxious by Mary Rezek of Saatori


 1 hour

 Man Speak is Sexy: Be Assertive without being Obnoxious by Mary Rezek of Saatori

When women talk, they seek to establish closeness and friendship…they share. They validate their friends’ feelings, share intimate details, and seek to build rapport immediately. Men, on the other hand, tend to be more goal orientated. They use conversation to convey information, make points, reach objectives, give instructions, and relate a view. These are just some of the differences….

Women leaders face a daunting task to overcome differences in the workplace because women leaders are operating with what they know how to do… as women. And the world of business typically operates in a more male orientated way.

During this engaging talk, Mary Rezek will highlight techniques how to use power language to your advantage to have wider impact and influence. Mary will cover tips like:

· BOTTOM LINE: Limit rapport building and get to the point
· DECLARE: Make suggestions as statements in a low pitch and if interrupted, ignore and keep on going
· LISTENER CONCLUSIONS: Don’t discount what you are saying before you say it
· VERBAL JOUSTING: React assertively to banter to deflate and accommodate

Recognizing the male rules in the workplace and how to accept and acknowledge that the rules exist and then pivot on language and behavior is a solid step towards getting you and your team’s needs met. This is not about masculinizing the way women work in business. It is suggesting that by knowing the rules and being prepared to use new techniques, you will likely have a more positive, understood, sustainable outcome.


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