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Imagine...then do it!


 3 hours

Imagine...then do it!

Announcing Cincinnati’s Premiere Women’s Event
presented by Act Three, Julie Shifman President & 85 Broads member

“I imagined” are powerful words that begin the stories of countless extraordinary women who are realizing their visions and dreams.

Are you one of them?
If you yearn for a new stage of life to begin, but find yourself stuck in routines and with little direction, you now have the chance to embrace change.

On November 4, join us for a fun and motivating morning; meet women like you, and be inspired by the stories of how Shevaun Voisin and our other remarkable speakers turned “I imagined” into personal triumph. (See quotes and links to speakers in margin.)

Act Three presents this exciting event to encourage you to imagine your next step, whether it’s to
• start a business
• change careers
• go back to work or school
• become strategically focused and engaged in community work

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Get Introduced to the Women You Should Know

We help our members connect with specific attendees who share their industry and life experiences.

Kristy Wallace

Kristy Wallace

New York, NY

CEO at Ellevate Network

Join Ellevate to Meet Kristy
Maricella Herrera Avila

VP Operations & Strategy at Ellevate Network

Join Ellevate to Meet Maricella
Rebecca Spitzer

Rebecca Spitzer

New York, NY

VP of Product and Technology at Ellevate Network

Join Ellevate to Meet Rebecca
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