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Ninth Annual Think Big Forum

Pittsburgh, PA • October 14, 2014

Join Chatham University's Center for Women's Entrepreneurship (CWE) at its 9th Annual Think Big Forum, Women Who Make & Create.Speakers Georgena TerryCEO, Heart of Steel Bicyclesview bioW...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM EDT

Chatham University Shadyside Campus
1146 Murray Hill Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

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Join Chatham University's Center for Women's Entrepreneurship (CWE) at its 9th Annual Think Big Forum, Women Who Make & Create.


Georgena Terry

Georgena Terry

CEO, Heart of Steel Bicycles
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Watch Georgena talk about her amazing story and passion for hand-built women’s bicycles here!

Georgena's Talk

Georgena’s business evolved from a desire to work for herself without the constraints of a traditional corporate lifestyle. She likes to call herself a "seat of the pants" entrepreneur – one who follows her intuition and plays to her strengths while ignoring her weaknesses. Relying on anecdotal and scientific evidence, she created bicycles designed for women. Prior to this, the industry treated all bike riders as "unisex" (which we know means "male"). There were lots of ups and downs as her business evolved, but her passion for designing bicycles has never waned. It continues today in Heart of Steel Bicycles, a nod to her love affair with steel, which originated, no doubt, in Pittsburgh.

Lani Lazzari

Lani Lazzari

President & CEO, Simple Sugars
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You may have seen her on "Shark Tank!" Click Here for an update on what she’s done since.

Lani’s Talk

The Simple Sugars’ story is about identifying a personal need that grew out of frustration with the options available to her, having the initiative to want to find something better and then the determination to make it happen! It’s not rocket science, it’s about finding an unmet need and then creating an awesome and unique product to fill it (emphasis on unique). But it takes way more than passion, it takes incredibly hard work and lots and lots of sacrifice and determination to make it successful. Find out why a big growth spurt is only the beginning for the founder of Simple Sugars!

Heather Knight

Heather Knight

Founder & Chief Roboticist, Marilyn Monrobot
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Click Here to watch her amazing "Silicon-based comedy" TED Talk!

Heather's Talk

Assisted by her pint-sized robot comedian, Heather will describe social robotics, how we make snap decisions about the capabilities and intent of machine, and how robot designers can influence these impressions via motion. From call centers to mobile robots, we have emotional reactions to technology and apply social conventions to machines. In designing robots, Heather wants to influence these attributions, because that enables or limits the effectiveness and acceptance of these machines in human environments. By adapting strategies from physical theater, Heather researches how robots can communicate via motion, identifying features that non-anthropomorphic robots can use to interact with us successfully & appropriately.

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Kristy Wallace

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