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The Emotional Intelligence of Money™ 5:30 PM Session

Pittsburgh, PA • December 3, 2014

JP Morgan tells us we make financial decisions for the right reason and the real reason, confirming what most of us know – that money decisions are emotional as well as logical. Money decisions ca...

Wednesday, December 3, 2014 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM EST

Cohen & Grigsby, P.C.
625 Liberty Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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JP Morgan tells us we make financial decisions for the right reason and the real reason, confirming what most of us know – that money decisions are emotional as well as logical. Money decisions can be complex, require trade-offs of today’s dollars for the future, and often have us navigating risk in uncertainty. Behavioral finance uses insights from psychology, economics and decision science showing us how we often misjudge important facts and make choices that are predictably mistaken. Classical economics tells us we’ll make rational decisions. Yet because most people don’t have the mind of a computer and the will of a saint, our decisions need to make rational sense, and emotional sense.

The Emotional Intelligence of Money™ recognizes there’s an outer game and an inner game. And we need both financial knowledge and emotional intelligence to navigate money decisions’ three step decision-making process of: First, filtering information through emotions for alignment; next analyzing facts and strategy against goals and finally, another pass through emotions for alignment. So money decisions and transitions must make intellectual as well as emotional sense. How we play the outer game with deliberate, controlled evaluation of financial decisions depends on the inner game of biology, emotions and self-awareness.

Peoplesmith Financial is pleased to introduce The Emotional Intelligence of Money™ Presentation, and Strategic Wealth Coaching™ to accelerate wealth planning that is aligned with important relationships we have and life decisions we face.

As a special benefit to attendees, Brenda is offering a confidential, complimentary phone coaching session to explore the financial literacy of you.

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Note: There are 2 sessions for this event. Click here to register for the earlier, 4:00 PM session.

Brenda Smith

A former Wall Street Executive and Certified Executive Coach to business leaders, Brenda has been applying emotional intelligence to business and financial decisions for more than twenty-five years. Her programs focus on individuals, families, equity partners, and businesses seeking to master old, “working strategies” and arrive at a new, winning strategy. Financial literacy, she believes is as much about financial information as it is self-knowledge.

Brenda founded Peoplesmith Global in 1998 to coach c-suite executives in business strategy worldwide and wealth advisors in practice management. In 2010, she formed Peoplesmith Financial coaching the performance technologies of emotional intelligence and behavioral finance to advocate for financial and behavioral literacy. Her clients include individuals in life or financial transitions, families opening up communication with the next generation, partnerships navigating business transitions and equity partners raising funding for growth. Brenda is a former Wall Street executive who has served as a vice president for Chemical Mortgage, SVP for PNC Investments and the Northeast district manager for Merrill Lynch, where she led 200 financial advisors and managed $800 million investment assets. Brenda is an International Coach Federation Certified Coach and Certified Financial Coach™ through Wealthstrong International. She is trained in behavioral economics from the London School of Economics and Emotional Intelligence from Yale University’s MSCEIT Emotional Intelligence Assessment (Florence, Italy) and the Institute for Health & Human Potential in Toronto, Ontario, as well as mind-body psychology from the Harvard Medical School. Brenda received her B.S. in mass communication from Boston University and her M.B.A. from New York University. She is the author of the forthcoming book, “The Emotional Intelligence of Money:™ The financial literacy of you!”

Cohen & Grigsby is made up of more than 130 experienced attorneys who practice in more than 30 distinct areas of the law including: business and tax, mergers &acquisitions, real estate, public finance, public affairs, emerging business, ERISA and employee benefits, bankruptcy and creditors’ rights, estates and trusts, immigration, intellectual property, international business, litigation, labor and employment and nonprofit organizations. We have a healthy, growing, and diverse client base, including companies all over the world, in all stages of development and across a wide range of industries. 

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