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7 Key Strategies To Transform Your Career


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7 Key Strategies To Transform Your Career

You’re a seasoned professional with considerable talent, skills and career passions, but you feel bored, stuck and frustrated in your current position. You are ready to make a significant career move, but aren’t quite sure what you need to do to make it happen. How can you plan your next career move into a meaningful, fulfilling and lucrative position?

Perhaps you want to change jobs, change careers, launch your own business, or move into the not-for-profit arena. You want to change your path into a career that is truly aligned for you, but you need expert career advice, guidance and support.

Join Executive Coach, Althea McIntyre, CPCC, MSOD, owner of The Best Career For Me, to learn proven strategies that will help you finally identify your ideal position or career path and successfully transition into it.

You’ll learn:

• How to uncover your purpose
• How to find the time and energy to plan out your next career move
• Exactly what you need to do to make a successful transition
• How to overcome the fears and self-doubts that are holding you back
• The one thing you must avoid as you pursue your career dreams

At the end of the webinar, Althea will share with you a proven, step-by-step system that will help you clarify your ideal career path or position and create your personalized blueprint to successfully transition into it.

We'll be live-tweeting this session with #CareerMove. Join us!

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