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Strategies For Integrating Investing Into Your Everyday Life


In this session you will learn three ways to shape your thinking about yourself as an investor.

Thu, Oct 15, 2015 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT

Whether you manage your own portfolio, you have an advisor doing it for you or you're just thinking about getting started ... investing may seem overly time consuming.

Indeed it's the 'who has time to watch the market' excuse that stops far too many people from investing. But time should never be a deterrent. Investing can be integrated into your everyday life versus something that you do 'when you have time'

Join Jane Barratt - founder & CEO of GoldBean - to discuss specific strategies for this. GoldBean is an investing for beginners platform that provides a unique data driven approach to empowering people to become confident investors.

In this session you will learn three ways to shape your thinking about yourself as an investor:

  • 1. Your place in the economy: how to visualize the linear vs circular flow of money
  • 2. Your spend: how to use the information that you have already to add to your investment knowledge
  • 3. Your Career: how your observations with an investment mindset can help you build you career

At the end of the session, Jane will share practices that will help you accelerate your growth as an investor, including key questions to ask of the different financial professionals in your life.

We'll be live-tweeting this session with #InvestInYourself. Join us!

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