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Leadership Codes: Little-Known Wisdom of Consciously Powerful Women


Learn about the Leadership Codes and how to use them to find the answers and direction you seek and uncover your life’s purpose.

Tue, May 24, 2016 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT

There is a set of particular laws of wisdom which most people are unaware of that have been passed down by highly conscious leaders powerful enough to create real change in the world. I refer to this set of wisdom -- which is key to evolving and elevating our own personal work as well as the work of our teams, employees, organizations, and humanity as a whole -- as Leadership Codes. Women who discover this wisdom – and work with it – find the answers and direction they seek and uncover their life’s purpose.

In this presentation, we will examine:

  • How to use these Codes to purposefully and consciously create what you want
  • The methodology which compiles this wisdom and makes it understandable and workable in today’s rapidly transforming business environment
  • How to look within yourself for the courage to use this wisdom with higher purpose

Lisa Petrilli is the Chief Operating and Marketing Officer of the To Be A Woman Platform, and as a protégé of Vanda Teixeira, now helps women and men in the business world follow the bridge to the wisdom which empowers them to elevate their careers, uncover their life purpose, and consciously fulfill what they came here to do and to be.

We'll be live tweeting this session, so be sure to follow along with @EllevateNtwk and #BeALeader.

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