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Mobilizing the Power of Women, a Summit Hosted by Ellevate Network


 10 hours

Mobilizing the Power of Women, a Summit Hosted by Ellevate Network

Join us for the 2019 Mobilize Women Summit here.

Action. Impact. Power.

These words are some of the ones we deal with every day at Ellevate Network. We know women have power (after all we hold trillions of dollars in investable assets, control 86% of consumer spending and are starting businesses at a faster pace than men.) And yet, there is still gender inequality.

It stops here.

At our first annual summit, we heard about about using your voice for advocacy and creating change in your community; the power of news and information accessibility and how it is changing business; innovation and disruption as a way to close the gap; and how we can work together to make change happen.

More than 30 speakers took the stage, leaving the audience inspired and ready for action, with key-takeaways they could implement in their lives today. 

Watch these speakers here.

Jessica Bennett
Author, Feminist Fight Club
Claudia Chan
Founder & CEO,S.H.E. Globl Media
Kelly Cutrone
Founder and CEO, People's Revolution
Wade Davis
Diversity and inclusion consultant, speaker, educator and former NFL player
Erika Ervin (Amazon Eve)
Model and Actress, American Horror Story: Freak Show
Sallie Krawcheck
Chair, Ellevate Network and Co-founder and CEO, Ellevest
Alison Levine
Mountain climber, explorer, leadership consultant and NYT Best-Selling author of On The Edge
Craig Newmark
Founder of craigslist and the Craig Newmark Foundation
Zainab Salbi
Founder, Women for Women International, Author, TV Host
Michelle Waterson
MMA Fighter for the UFC

See full line-up of speakers.

One Full Day of Inspiration and Action

The full day conference featured some of the brightest minds in business and in diversity and inclusion for inspirational discussions that led to clear take-aways about what you, as an individual, can do today in your career, your company and your life to create change.

8:00 AM

Registration and Networking Breakfast

9:00 AM

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Kristy Wallace, CEO, Ellevate Network

Watch the video here.

9:15 AM

Courageous Conversations

Sallie Krawcheck, Chair, Ellevate Network
Jessica Bennett, Author, Feminist Fight Club

It’s no secret that inequality and sexism still exist today, but how do we move past it and find thriving careers? How do you deal with the “manspalianers”? The haters? And how do you help make it an equal playing field for other women as well?

During this conversation, Sallie and Jessica talked about how we can stand up for ourselves and use our power to drive equality in our lives.

Watch the video here.

9:35 AM

Gender Equality: Purpose Not Praise

Wade Davis, Diversity and inclusion consultant, speaker, educator and former NFL player

Wade Davis considers himself a feminist, and he's very outspoken about it. He believes we must understand our differences, take a hard look at our biases, and reach across the room to work together for change.

Watch the video here.

9:45 AM

Death of the Queen Bee: It’s Not Competition, It's Collaboration

Angelica Perez-Litwin, Ph.D. Founder/CEO, Latinas Think Big
Romy Newman Co-founder and President, Fairygodboss
Jordan Brooks Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, United State of Women
Nellie Borrero, Chief Diversity Officer, Accenture
Kristy Wallace, CEO, Ellevate Network

The Queen Bee: that senior women who instead of lending a hand to help other women climb the ladder, pushes said ladder from underneath them. It was prevalent mostly in the past, when there was only one seat at the table for a woman. But now? Now we know there are more seats at the table and that the pie gets bigger by us working together.

The important thing, however, is that we not only women work together as individuals, but that we look for allies and supporters in companies, activist organizations, networks, and other communities.

Watch the video here.

10:15 AM
Networking Break
10:35 AM

Finding the Right People

Emily Wakeling, Executive Director of Global Membership and Emerging Markets, Catalyst

At Ellevate, we believe that networking is the number 1 unwritten rule of success in business. Having access to influential people who can help you navigate your career is paramount to getting to where you want to go – and doing it fast.

This 10-minute Action Speech dove into the importance of understanding and defining our many strategic relationships collected throughout our career, why sponsorship is the biggest payoff relationship for women in the workplace, and action items to position yourself to be sponsored

Watch the video here.

10:45 AM

Innovation: If You Can’t Find It, Make It

Alexandra Friedman Co-founder, LOLA
Karen Potter Director, HR and Technology, Citi
Gigi Lee Chang, Plum Organics
Colleen Rye, Chief of Telehealth, Office of the US Army Surgeon General

Women control 86% of consumer spending. We have trillions of dollars in investible assets. We are a huge market for anyone who wants to make money, yet we are not always the ones making the decisions about the products offered to us. In this day and age, women are starting businesses at a higher rate than men, why? Because we’re tired of not finding what we need.

This panel talks about innovation and focus on how women have taken it into their hands to create products that matter to them, find solutions to problems, and change cultures inside their companies.

Watch the video here.

11:15 AM

Being Tough

Michelle Waterson, MMA Fighter with the UFC
Jas Boothe, Author, Entrepreneur, Army Veteran, Cancer Survivor, Innovator, Philanthropist & Speaker

Michelle Waterson is tough, and we don’t just mean in the ring. Her resilience, focus, discipline, and strength combined with a seamlessly integrated family life, have made her a very popular mixed martial artist.

Watch the video here.

11:35 AM

Leading With Your Values

Craig Newmark, Founder of craigslist and the Craig Newmark Foundation

Craig Newmark has always remained true to what he calls his “nerd values” - the belief that one should make enough money to care for family, friends, and oneself (with the occasional luxury thrown in), and that one should do something to make a difference. From the moment he founded craigslist as a side project, for fun, he has always focused on making sure that the focus is on helping others and then doing well by doing good.

In the last few years, Craig has turned his attention to another aspect of his “nerd values”: sending the elevator back down. He is focused on helping others climb the ladder, lending his reputation and name (as well as financial support) to philanthropy efforts, including getting more women in tech.

Watch the video here.

11:55 AM
Morning Closing Remarks

12:00 PM
Networking Lunch

1:15 PM

Welcome Back Remarks

Kristy Wallace, CEO, Ellevate Network
1:20 PM

On the Edge: The Art of High-Impact Leadership

Alison Levine, Mountain climber, explorer, leadership consultant and NYT Best-Selling author of On the Edge 

1:40 PM

The Power of Storytelling

Zainab Salbi, Founder, Women for Women International, Author, TV Host
Claudia Chan, Founder & CEO, S.H.E. Globl Media

Zainab Salbi has dedicated her life to women’s rights and freedom, and is one of our time’s most inspiring humanitarians, activists and media personalities. Through her work founding Women for Women International and her current project showcasing the journeys and stories of people around the world, Zainab has created change.

In this conversation, Zainab and Claudia discussed the power of stories, the importance of giving people a voice, spreading our influence beyond our comfort zone, and more.

Watch the video here.

2:00 PM

Disrupting Diversity: Working Together to Close The Gap

Stephanie Lampkin Founder and CEO, Blendoor
Caren Ulrich Stacy Founder, Diversity Lab
Michelle King, Head of Integrated Strategy and Partnerships For Innovation, UN Women
Candice Morgan, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Pinterest

The business case for diversity is nothing new: we’ve heard that companies with diverse teams outperform their peers, have better ROIs, are more creative, etc. Enough talking about why it matters, it’s time to talk about how we achieve it. The diversity council, and other good intentions have not gone a long way, so it’s time to take a fresh look at a problem that has been around for years.

Watch the video here.

2:30 PM
Networking Break
3:00 PM

Owning Your Superpower

Erika Ervin (Amazon Eve), Model and Actress, American Horror Story: Freak Show

Watch the video here.

3:10 PM

Information is Power: Creating Change Through Access to Information and Using Your Voice

Amy Cross, Founder GenderFair
Allie Hoffman, Founder, Equality Equation
Tiffany Pham, Founder and CEO, Mogul
Lauren Leader-Chivee, All In Together

There is no denying that in today’s world, the internet and social media have revolutionized how we consume content and information. Today, if you want to know about a product all you have to do is ask. If you want to know about market trends, all you have to do is look at the many analytics available online and social media trends. We are in constant touch with our consumers, the companies that produce the products we consume, and even policymakers, we can easily have access to them.

Access to information has changed the way we do business, the way we make purchasing decisions, the way we create activist movements, and the way we voice our concerns. How do we take more advantage of it?

Watch the video here.

3:40 PM

A Conversation with Kelly Cutrone

Kelly Cutrone, Founder and CEO, People's Revolution

4:00 PM

Closing Keynote: The Future of Business

Sallie Krawcheck, Chair, Ellevate Network

Watch the video here.

4:20 PM

Closing Remarks

4:30 PM
Networking & Cocktails

Please Note:

  • Executive Council members of Ellevate will have access to a VIP Pre-Reception and VIP Luncheon with their ticket purchase. 
  • Nonmember tickets include an Achiever membership to Ellevate Network. 
  • Can't join us in person? Tune into our livestream!

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