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LUNA Working Mothers Cocktails and Networking

New York, NY • April 3, 2017

Come spend the evening in the company of extraordinary women.....and still get home for bedtime! RSVP required (for nametags and space).

Monday, April 3, 2017 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM EDT

Lea Wine Bar
New York, NY 10017

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Monday, April 3rd is the first meet up of a group I recently launched - LUNA, a global network of mothers and professionals.  You're welcome to join us for cocktails, networking and perhaps a bit of inspiration and commiseration.   Cash bar. 

Please see below for full details on LUNA!

LUNA (Lead * Uplift * Nurture * Aspire)

Welcome! Luna is a global network of mothers and professionals dedicated to living our lives fully, with grace, strength, humor, influence, grit and intelligence. We are out in the world making a positive contribution through our careers while nurturing ourselves, our families and our communities.

As Luna grows, please invite other professional women to join. Luna is a place to pose questions, seek introductions, share resources, post interesting articles, solicit honest feedback and share different perspectives from across a wide range of geographies and industries.

Why create this community? As I embark on a mid-life crisis project (writing a book on professional life and motherhood) I want to share my research and also hear what is important to you, so that my book will be of the highest service and positive impact possible. I also want to cultivate a community of professional women that will help and support each other independent of and well beyond the scope of the book.

What I know so far:

I believe the world is a better place with a critical mass of women in positions of influence. I believe our rise in recent decades has been truly extraordinary and transformational. But such a tremendous shift has created unique challenges for those of us who love so many aspects of our lives, perhaps with more passion than we have hours in the day.

I believe “if Mama aint happy, aint nobody happy.” I know this deeply as a child of a working mother who often lost herself (and her equanimity). For myself and others, I want to transcend existing in survival mode to achieve congruence and sustainability. I want our professional lives as well as our roles as mothers to feel joyful, manageable, meaningful and supported….at least on most days!

Above all, I believe we are here in these sweet and crazy years for such a short time – let’s show up in the world as present and as powerfully as we possibly can.

My hope is for this group to become both a sanctuary and a launching pad for growth. We’re here to offer support, advice, encouragement, lifehacks, inspiration, commiseration, comic relief and honest feedback.

Please know, I created this group as a fellow seeker, not someone who has the answers myself. Since our first child was born in 2009, I have written “this is @#$% unsustainable!” in my journal more times than I have written “I rocked it today!” Through it all, the sisterhood has often been a lifeline for me and I want to help create this for others.

During the next two years I plan to do quite a bit of research and writing on this topic, and (with luck) a book will be born of these efforts in 2019. This page will serve as a forum for interesting articles and questions I come across in my research as well as some of my early writing. Feedback is always appreciated.

Welcome! Laurie

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