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​Getting the Flexibility You Need to Succeed Is Easier Than You Think


Join us on this Jam Session with Werk's Annie Dean and Anna Auerbach to learn how to get more flexibility at your existing job — it's easier than you think.

Tue, Jul 25, 2017 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

If it seems like you’ve been seeing and hearing the phrase “workplace flexibility” everywhere lately, you’re right. Though the term was first coined back in the ‘70s and women have been advocating for flexibility for years, it’s only just now gaining mainstream recognition as a strategic talent and business solution. Yet many people are still unsure what flexibility really means. That's where Werk comes in.

Werk is a new type of job marketplace for ambitious job seekers looking for real opportunities, all with flexibility. Flexibility not only provides more opportunity for women, but it’s also a long-term solution to propel them into leadership positions over time. It's the best, most cost effective way to accelerate corporate gender parity so that women’s voices are equally represented where decisions are actually being made.

If you’re looking for a new role, Werk is a great place to find that position with flexibility. But what if you love your current job and don’t want to leave? How can you get the flexibility you need to keep succeeding? The good news is that 80% of companies already offer some form of flexibility. Join us on this Jam Session with Werk's Annie Dean and Anna Auerbach to learn how to initiate the conversation with your employer and come to a mutual agreement — it's easier than you think.

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Kristy Wallace

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CEO at Ellevate Network

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Community Discussion
Angela Karnes

How do I join the online Jam Session please?

July 25, 2017

Raquel Ugalde

Hi Angela, Sorry we missed your comment before the Jam Session ended! You'll be able to access this jam session recording by the end of the week on Ellevate's Jam Sessions on Demand Page. I'll follow up with you via email. Best, Raquel

July 25, 2017

Julie Estep

There was interesting article in Wall Street Journal about how bosses want workers back at their desk. I thought this presentation timing is perfect.

July 26, 2017