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Facts about Fertility and Your Career


 2 hours

Facts about Fertility and Your Career


It's time.

No one in the workplace ever seems to want to talk about the "elephant in the room" that is WOMEN DECIDING WHEN TO HAVE A FAMILY.  

Well, we think that's awfully unfair to women!

Ever wish you had the facts about planning for children and how to navigate pregnancy while having a career?

In 2014, for the first time, the average age of first-time mothers in the UK passed the age of 30! There were also more babies born to women over the age of 35 than to women under the age of 25. Companies like Apple and Facebook have also recently started to offer egg freezing for their female employees.

But what do these examples actually tell us about fertility and having children later as we focus on our careers? What are the facts and truths about delaying pregnancy and its resulting impact on our bodies and our choices for children?

Ellevate London is proud to bring together one of UK's leading experts in assisted conception along with a panel of professional women who've made choices for motherhood at different stages of their careers.

Partners are welcome!  We also encourage men to attend this event to gain more understanding of the topic and support their partners.

Topics to be covered on the evening:

- What are the major factors affecting fertility?

- What are the latest approaches toward fertility and reproductive health?

- What's the efficacy of IVF and other pregnancy techniques for different ages of women?

- What are the costs of IVF and other pregnancy techniques?

- How to look for quality measures when finding a fertility clinic?


6:30pm - Arrivals

6:45pm - Expert Speaker: Dr Yacoub Khalaf , Director of the Assisted Conception Unit at Guy's Hospital in London

7:30pm - Panel Discussion with Real Women about Pregnancy & Career Choices

We especially thank Accenture UK for their generous sponsorship of this special event.


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