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The Women@Work Network Professional Connections Forum

Stamford, CT • October 26, 2006

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Thursday, October 26, 2006 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM EDT

Stamford Marriott Hotel
243 Tresser Blvd
Stamford, CT 06901

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What is the Professional Connections Forum?
The Forum is a day-long opportunity for mid to senior level current and returning professional women to meet and establish connections with prestigious employers, hear about work-life balance initiatives and flexibility trends and network with many other smart women.

Who can attend the Professional Connections Forum?
Only mid to senior-level current and returning professional women who are seeking new opportunities are eligible to attend this Forum. Our agreement with employer sponsors states that only “job seekers” will attend—not career counselors, financial advisers, recruiting firms or any other “vendors” to this demographic of women.

What makes the Professional Connections Forum a unique event?
The Professional Connections Forum is not a mass-market job fair open to the general public. Leading employers come to Women@Work looking for hard-to-find, highly educated, mid to senior-level current and returning professional women who search for new opportunities through
networking and personal connections—not typical job fairs, Internet job postings or newspaper ads. Our Forum directly
connects employers with these women at one place and at one time.

What happens during the day-long event?
The Forum runs from 10:00am to 4:00pm. Employer sponsors meet informally with women in the main exhibit hall, and you have the chance to research specific opportunities and gather information on various companies. Employer sponsors will also meet with smaller groups of women in special interest “Chat Rooms” where they will discuss opportunities for women and their commitments to work-life balance and diversity. Throughout the day you will also have many opportunities to network and share information with other smart women at the higher end of the employment market.

How many women do you expect to attend?
We anticipate an audience of 500 current and returning professional women—an interesting and impressive group of women who will be looking to connect with other women in informal conversations over breakfast and lunch, in the “Chat Room” discussions organized by industry and in the sponsor exhibit areas.

What if you do not have a strong interest in working for any of the sponsor companies?
Our first advice is not to rule out any opportunity before it is well researched. Women@Work considers the Forum a recruiting event and, equally important— a research opportunity. Work-life balance and flexibility has not yet been widely instituted—and larger employers most often set new workplace trends and employee benefits. Be in on the discussions as employers continue to reshape traditional work structures. Get a general idea of what where opportunities are for mid to senior-level
candidates. Find out what employers look for in returning professional women. Listen carefully as employers discuss
how to approach the flexibility issue. This is all valuable intelligence—whether you are interested in a big corporation or the small start-up firm down the street.

Is the Forum geared to women seeking opportunities in specific industries?
The Professional Connections Forum will
address a wide range of interests. Sponsors are expecting to meet women who have professional skills and talents in
investment banking, asset management/financial planning, finance/accounting,marketing/advertising/PR, law and operations/human resources. Remember that an investment banking firm, for example, does not only employ investment bankers: writers, graphic designers and event planners are on the payroll, too. All companies have needs for many different backgrounds and talents.

Are employers looking for candidates in specific geographic areas?
The Forum sponsors operate in multiple locations and many have a nationwide presence. Sponsors expect that the majority of women attending will be seeking positions in the New York metropolitan area and not looking to relocate. Women outside of the New York area, however, can discuss opportunities available in their current locations.

If you attend the Forum, will it lead you to an actual job?
As the title suggests, this event is the Professional Connections Forum. You will definitely be connected to all the Forum sponsor companies, and Women@Work will
represent you if they have an interest in scheduling a formal interview. All sponsors will receive a resume book that
includes the resumes of every attendee indexed by interest categories. Clearly, your resume will be seen by many hiring
managers and it is certainly possible that it could lead to an actual job.

What is the registration process?
If you are interested in attending the Professional Connections Forum, the first step is to send your resume to Women@Work’s Managing Director, Kathryn Sollmann, for consideration
( Women who have mid to senior-level current or former experience will then be sent a registration form.

Please note: This is an invitation-only event and absolutely no “walk-ins” may register on the day of the event.

What if your resume needs updating?
You can submit your resume in its current form to expedite the registration process. Be sure to describe your current position in an email if it is not listed on your resume. Remember that Women@Work is preparing a Resume Book that will be distributed to all sponsor employers. The final version of your resume must be received via email by October 19th. If you need resume development assistance, please refer to the “Resource Directory” section of our web site, where you will find our Women to Women Directory and listings for
several career counselors who provide these services.

What is included in the registration fee?
The $95 registration fee includes a continental breakfast, lunch and all
conference materials.

How can you learn more about Women@Work?
Visit our web site at

We hope that you will join us and spread the word to other mid to senior-level current and returning professional women in your personal network. Remember that this is an invitation-only event—all the interested women you know must first submit their resume for consideration.

We look forward to your participation!

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