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Women in the World Texas Salon

Dallas, TX • December 4, 2017

Join 200+ leading business, media, arts and cultural, political, academic, and humanitarian thought leaders at the 4th Annual Women in the World Texas Salon.

Monday, December 4, 2017 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM EST

Dallas Museum of Art
1717 N Harwood St
Dallas, TX 75201

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Women in the World and Ellevate are partnering for this special event. Registration is free and exclusive for Ellevate Achiever, Innovator and Executive Council members. 

Women in the World is the premiere live journalism platform that brings leaders and champions together to increase social awareness of global issues affecting women.

In a signature blend of style and substance, women and girls from across the globe who are tackling the pressing issues of their time and the challenges of their cultures will share their personal stories and their pioneering solutions. New and powerful voices are interwoven with film, video, and brief performances, in a uniquely theatrical multimedia event.

Joining us in Dallas are the women we call “Persisters”; they never give up and persist in the face of extreme pushback and adversity. 

  • Amy McGrath was told her entire life she couldn’t become an F-18 fighter pilot because she is a woman, but defied barriers to became the first female Marine to fly a fighter jet. Now she’s running for Congress in a state where very few women hold office.
  • Jen Welter is the first woman to coach in the NFL and is known as a trailblazer in professional football. 
  • She is joined by Dallas’ own Ulysha Renee Hall — the first female police chief who rose to the top in spite of incredible obstacles. 
  • We are also thrilled to introduce you to Iasia Sweeting, an incredible poet and storyteller who will perform a moving poem she wrote while being held in captivity by cult members in Atlanta for over four years. 
  • Also joining us will be Hannah Song, a bold young woman who runs an extraordinary, modern-day underground railroad that rescues North Korean refugees.
  • Also on stage will be the newest Toyota Mother of Invention, Maxeme Tuchman, who found an innovative way for parents and grandparents who aren't at home to read bedtime and other stories to children.
  • Finally Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, will make an appearance. Richards is fighting for women’s health care across the U.S. and in Texas, where the maternity mortality rate has recently doubled. She learned to go to battle from her mother, Ann Richards, the famed Governor of Texas. 

Sponsors include Toyota, LG, and AT&T.

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