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Sorry, Not Sorry: Owning Your Message

Online • March 30, 2018

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Did you know that saying “sorry” in the corporate setting detracts from your confidence and impacts your credibility? Find out more during DRIVEN’s March 30th webinar, and transcend the “sorry” slump.

Friday, March 30, 2018 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM EDT

Here’s one way to step into your power and feel more confident as a professional woman: Stop saying “Sorry”.

Unless you’ve done something that truly warrants an apology, like “Sorry I stepped on your foot”, or a friendly regret is in order, like “I’m so sorry that your dog died”, overusing the word “sorry” is a habit that can only detract from your power. A familiar example is “Sorry, would you please pass a tissue?” Understanding the greater implications of this word will become your motivation to scrap the habit.

During DRIVEN’s March OfficeHours, you can learn how to proverbially transcend from “Sorry I’m crowding you” when standing on a rush hour subway, to using your pointy elbows to appropriately stake your ground and own your power. DRIVEN founder Deborah Goldstein will be joined in this discussion by a recovering apologize-aholic, who will demonstrate how saying “sorry” detracts from your confidence and impacts your credibility. Lenka Wiles, Senior Manager, Assurance at RSM wasn't actually an apologize-aholic, but like many of us, didn't realize how this little word could have big implications.By contrast, we’ll also explore how strategically using the word “sorry” can actually add to your gravitas.

Don’t be sorry that you missed this important OfficeHours. Simply register by following this link.

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