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​Land Your Dream Job Without Applying: Everything You Need to Know about LinkedIn Networking


Join this webinar with Lisa Frumin to learn how to transform your LinkedIn profile from bare-bones and underwhelming to comprehensive and impressive, with an online networking strategy to boot!

Mon, Jan 8, 2018 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST

Did you know that 93% of hiring managers check your LinkedIn profile after looking at your resume for a job opportunity? 

They may be interested in calling you for an interview, but they wanna get as much information about you as they possibly can so they select the right candidates for the available interview slots. So what happens when your LinkedIn profile doesn't catch their attention or looks half-baked? You're not getting a call for that interview, that's for sure.

Giving your LinkedIn profile a makeover is the next step to getting called back for that interview for the job opportunity you know you'd KILL it in. Join this webinar with career coach Lisa Frumin to learn how to transform your profile from bare-bones and underwhelming to comprehensive and impressive with an online networking strategy to boot!

In this webinar, you'll:

  • Learn the top 3 things to include your profile that will make you more likely to impress networking contacts, recruiters and hiring managers with your profile so that they reach out to you FIRST about job opportunities
  • Have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile so that you are 18X more likely to be found FIRST in searches
  • Grow your LinkedIn network FAST so that you increase the number of job opportunities that can come to you

Lisa Frumin is a career coach committed to helping people who feel stuck or lost in their jobs, to discover what they want to do and how to transition into careers they love with the salaries they desire.

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Community Discussion
Nancy Castro

Way to go!!! This sounds amazing!

January 8, 2018

Martha Brown Menard, PhD

I'm registered for this but can't find the link--how the heck do I join?

January 8, 2018

Raquel Ugalde

Hi Martha, you should've received a link in your email from ReadyTalk with instructions on how to join the Jam Session. I'll follow up with you via Conversations to trouble-shoot! Best, Raquel

January 8, 2018