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Rise Above Success: EnVision & Develop A Leadership Philosophy

Miami, FL • January 27, 2018

Develop a more authentic and powerful leadership style by understanding your inner feminine and masculine energies.

Saturday, January 27, 2018 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM EST

1951 Northwest 7th Avenue
#Suite 600
Miami, FL 33136

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Courage and Authenticity - do you possess any of these traits? 

How do you measure up?

Develop a more holistic leadership style by understanding your inner feminine and masculine energies. Tap into your creative and authentic energies by aligning them with your heart and mind for a more soul-centered leadership style. You will understand how greater self-awareness will make you a better leader through group participation, leadership-visioning activities, Q&A and visualization exercises.

Step Confidently On the Path to a Successful Career and Life that is filled with meaning and purpose.

Gain insight, motivation and equip yourself with the toolkits and proven practices that will guide you to bring to life your personal and professional aspirations.

If you have thought about or shared these thoughts in casual conversations...

  • “I’m so busy, I don’t have time to learn the things I need to know to move up professionally while staying balanced.”

  • “I’m not confident I can take on more when I already feel weighed down and overwhelmed?

  • “I feel that some clarity, a vision forward, some accountability and structure would help.

This workshop is for you when you want to find greater meaning and purpose in your life. 

This dynamic workshop is for busy women professionals who want a quick but power-packed leadership development session to accelerate themselves in 2018. This unique program developed by We R Artemis Leadership Inc. connects you directly with proven and effective strategies. This is NOT a women's empowerment program but a workshop to Learn, Strategize and Commit. This is the type of reflective and action-packed workshop that top executives receive as they move closer to the C-Suite.

Join We R Artemis Inc. and a Group of Like-Minded Professional Women to Learn, Grow and Stretch Your Leadership Skills.

* There will be NO UPSELLING at this Event. The Value of what you will gain will amplify your life and relationships more than the small investment you will make in yourself.*

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