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MeetUp Denver - Women in Blockchain

Online • January 9, 2018

How to set up Digital Wallet for Cryptos & Women Empowerment

Tuesday, January 9, 2018 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM MST


6pm Registration

6:30p Why Women in Blockchain & Brief 101

7:30p How to Set Up a Digital Wallet
Disclaimer: This is NOT any type of investment seminar and is solely an educational seminar. Things to do before the class if possible: Download/bring/buy the items below to most easily set up a digital wallet during the class. Worksheet will also be provided to take home. Note: there are many, many options. We're going to be sharing the options we feel are the most used.

1. Download Google Authenticator App to your phone or computer. (This is used to protect your identify when making online transactions.)

2. Open an account that allows one to trade fiat currencies (dollars) into Cryptocurrencies. An example is CoinBase (the #1 downloaded app over the holidays) which you can get from the app store on your phone or computer.

2. Transfer fiat $ into crypto account - any amount you want is fine.

3. You'll need either a cold wallet (off-line/hard wallet) or a digital wallet. A number of proponents recommend hard wallets. Some Recommended Hard Wallets (available on Amazon and elsewhere):
• Trezor (Note: Be sure to buy for a Mac if you use a Mac)
• Ledger Nano S
• KeepKey by ShapeShift

Some Recommended Digital Wallets:
• Coinbase:
• GDax:

Digital Asset Exchange:
• ShapeShift:

ShapeShift allows one to trade any leading crypto asset for another.

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Kristy Wallace

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