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Mobilizing the Power of Women 2018, a Summit Hosted by Ellevate Network


 10 hours & 30 minutes

Mobilizing the Power of Women 2018, a Summit Hosted by Ellevate Network

#MobilizeWomen is a movement for action against gender inequality.

Join us for the 2019 Mobilize Women Summit here.

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In 2018, we will pick up where the conversation left off from last year's Summit by asking individuals, businesses, and leaders to continue to raise their voices to achieve true change for equality. We know women are powerful, now it’s time to use that power to create change. It’s time to mobilize.

The Summit is sold out, but you can still get engaged! Check out our amazing speakers from the comfort of your home or office - we believe that you deserve access to the tools that will make you successful.

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Full Agenda

8:45 AM

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Kristy Wallace, CEO, Ellevate Network

Female Role Model

Only 6% of Fortune 500 companies have female CEOs (and men named John make up almost that same percentage), so it’s not a surprise that we are excited to hear from Margaret Keane, CEO of Synchrony, and one of the few women who make the list.

Margaret Keane, CEO and President, Synchrony
Ellen McGirt, Senior Editor, Fortune Magazine and the voice behind RaceAhead


Advancing Women is a Team Sport

Sallie Krawcheck, Chair, Ellevate Network and CEO & Co-Founder, Ellevest

Action Speaker

Sponsors, Allies and Partners

Ask anyone who did anything great, and they’ll tell you — they didn’t do it alone. When you think about the people in positions of power, the reality is they are mostly male. If the ones making the decisions are male, shouldn’t they be involved in creating change? And if work and life are always in flux, don’t we need to rely on our partners, whatever their gender, to help us balance and move forward?

Mike Steib, Chief Executive Officer, XO Group Inc.
Kemp Steib, CFO, The Second Shift
Alina Cho, Contributor, CBS Sunday Morning
Maureen Sullivan, COO, Rent the Runway


Followed by: Networking Break

10:30 AM

Dream, Drive, Do: Unleashing the Power Within

Anjali Forber-Pratt, Paralympic Medalist and Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt

Action Speaker

Technology and Accessibility

Design for accessibility has driven innovation for a long time - another reason why diversity can be such a powerful force. KR Liu has had an amazing career in technology, and now dedicates her time to advocacy and to her work leading the charge in innovation for accessibility.

KR Liu, US Congressional Awarded Hearing Loss Advocate
Julie Kearney, VP of Regulatory Affairs and CTA & President, FCBA


Change of Focus: From Diversity to Inclusion and Equality

We believe in the power of diversity. Unfortunately, the conversation around diversity falls short. If a diverse team is built, how do you make sure that it keeps growing, evolving and that those diverse voices actually have a say in the future of your company? The answer is a change of focus from diversity to inclusion.

Allison Green, Senior Vice President, Diversity, Inclusion and Employee Engagement, Lincoln Financial Group
Commissioner Charlotte A. Burrows, Commissioner, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Joy Fitzgerald, CDO, Eli Lilly and Company
Kristy Wallace, CEO of Ellevate Network


Courageous Conversations 2.0

Catt Sadler, a renowned journalist, and Sallie Krawcheck, once the most powerful woman on Wall Street and now successful entrepreneur, come from different backgrounds. Yet, their industries have one major thing in common — they aren’t the friendliest towards women.

Sallie Krawcheck, Chair, Ellevate Network
Catt Sadler, Activist and Emmy Award-Winning Journalist


Followed by: Lunch and Networking Break

1:30 PM

Championship Lessons

Carly Patterson, American Olympic Gold Medalist, Gymnastics

Action Speaker

Perfectly Imperfect

Research shows women don’t apply to jobs unless we fulfill 10/10 of the requirements while men apply with only half. Girls, experts say, are taught from a very young age to be perfect. But who says it has to be this way? Jennifer Romolini certainly doesn’t believe it. If you define success on your own terms, embrace your true self and learn from your failures you’ll be well on your way to finding happiness.

Jenn Romolini, Chief Content Officer,
Tiffany Dufu, Chief Leadership Officer, Levo


Leading, Changing, Innovating

Female leaders come from different industries, different sized businesses, different ages and different backgrounds, all with one thing in common: they want to change the culture of business and make this an equitable playing field.

Steph Korey, Co-Founder and CEO, Away
Sarah LaFleur, Founder and CEO, MM LaFleur
Amber Baldet, Co-founder and CEO, Clovyr
Neha Gandhi, Editor-in-Chief and COO, Girlboss


Making the Impossible Possible

Space exploration, space weather, eclipses… there is so much more out there than just what we see everyday. Dr. Lika Guhathakurta and Kellie Gerardi have always been fascinated by space and have a passion for tackling some big, big questions. As we continue to search for ways to make our world more equitable, to have more women in STEM fields, more diversity in thought leadership, more ways of changing the world for the better, we couldn’t help but look for people outside the space who we can learn from. After all, these women know a thing or two about making the impossible, possible.

Kellie Gerardi, Aerospace and Defense Professional; STEM Communicator; Defense Council Member, Truman National Security Project
Dr. Madhulika Guhathakurta, Astrophysicist and Scientist, NASA's Heliophysics Science Division
Miriam Kramer, Space Reporter, Mashable


Followed by: Networking Break

3:50 PM

International Woman Of Change Award

The International Women of Change Award represents the Ellevate Network Values - particularly the belief that the world can change for the better, and women are making it happen. We don’t wait for others to do it. The International Women of Change is someone who has used her platform (and privilege) to promote and advance women, paving the path for them to succeed.

Debra Messing, Activist and Actress, International Woman of Change Awardee

Advocating for the Bigger Picture

In the last couple of years we’ve seen a raise in the number of women involved in activism and advocacy -- more women running for office, more women raising their voices, more change being driven by the voices that were once quiet. If we want to see the world change we all have to be advocates, even if in small ways.

Chelsea VonChaz, Founder, HappyPeriod 

Whitney Bell, Writer, Activist and Event Producer
Jimmie Briggs, American Journalist
Malika Saada Saar, Public Policy and Government Relations Senior Counsel-Civil and Human Rights, Google


The New Workforce

Demographics are changing. New, more complex, and more diverse communities are making up the new workforce. Employees are multi-generational, cross cultural, of all different abilities, and global -- and they all bring something valuable to the table. It’s no secret that the world has changed, and businesses need to adapt to make way for a workforce that spans all demographics, demanding change from within to adapt to an increasingly innovative and mobile world.

Asha Castleberry, U.S. National Security Expert, Military Veteran
Bernadette Aulestia, President of Global Distribution, HBO
Ruthie Ackerman, Deputy Editor, Women@Forbes


Finding Courage to Endure the Beauty of Adversity

Adrianne Haslet, Boston Marathon Survivor, Ballroom Dancer, Blade Runner, Global Advocate for Amputee Rights

Action Speaker
5:35 PM

Closing Remarks

Kristy Wallace, CEO, Ellevate Network

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