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Own Your Superpower: Leadership Series for Women


 3 months & 1 day

Own Your Superpower: Leadership Series for Women

Are you wondering what’s possible if you owned your (super)power?

Hint: Transformation.

This past year, we’ve witnessed and cheered many who’ve courageously stepped forward to speak their truth, confront abuses of power and greed, and called for justice to address harassment, extreme bias, and violence.

The rising power and impact of women’s leadership is more palpable now than ever. What we’re currently experiencing is much more than a meme or hashtag – there’s a genuine movement afoot!

This momentum has you feeling inspired and called to do more to affect change on your own terms – in your workplace, home, community, and country.

But, you aren’t sure where to start.

You’re not sure how to access and sustain the resources you’ll need.

You not sure you want to do it alone.

You’re not sure if you’re ready.

Come closer, I want to tell you something.

Now is the time.

The time for us to join and face the realities of life and work before us, to listen deeply, to gather our collective strength for action.

We’re in this together. We all deserve our seat at the table.

It’s the time for us to step forward and present our power to the world.

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Full Agenda

The Practice of Core Presence™ Leadership

Using key experiential practices of Attention (mindfulness), 360 Awareness (somatic, full-body awareness), and the Language of Deep Conversations, we’ll begin to explore the possibilities for shifting the conversation and making contributions through accessing your Superpowers.

  • Presence – Engaging Energy & Mood - Juggling numerous & competing commitments depletes our energy. Learn to engage your energies & moods to fit any situation.

  • Purpose – Voice & Choice – Speaking Your Commitments - Find your voice. Which values drive your actions? Express your life’s longing with absolute conviction.

  • Perspective – Living in Full Expression - Explore beliefs & mindsets about power. Use your authentic power “with and for” what you long for in your life.

  • People – Connection, Community & Care - Explore what’s at the heart of your connections—your values & relationships. Enhance your capacity to connect & receive.

  • Practices – Integration – Congruence in Thought & Action - Focus on integrity & accountability. Incorporate practices that embody & sustain your deep commitments.

What to Expect:

  • Five group sessions of content specifically developed by Dr. Chris for this series with new topics introduced each session.
  • Paradigm-shifting content and practices that will be introduced and practiced in each monthly meeting.
  • Access to journal prompts, curated readings, and videos to deepen your Core Presence.™
  • Opportunities to create real connections with women who share your values and commitment to serve from a broader and deeper platform.
  • Ongoing support from Dr. Chris and your cohorts in a private Facebook group.
  • An elegant celebration of our learning and contributions during our final session.
  • Eligibility to apply for one of the limited spaces the Women’s Core Presence™ Leadership Retreat scheduled in early November 2018.

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Kristy Wallace

Kristy Wallace

New York, NY

Former CEO at Ellevate Network

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CEO at Ellevate Network

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Rebecca Spitzer

Rebecca Spitzer

New York, NY

VP of Product and Technology at Ellevate Network

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