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OfficeHours - Sleep: You Have the Time; Make the Investment

Online • July 20, 2018

If you’re ready to boost your resilience by getting enough sleep, join DRIVEN’s July 20th webinar, when they’ll reveal strategies for carving out time for Z’s while still pulling ahead in your career.

Friday, July 20, 2018 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

Women face unique challenges within corporate culture. The response from DRIVEN Professionals is an action-oriented solution known as GRACE In The WorkplaceTM. This signature series of workshops and coaching draws upon neuroscience and progressive 21st century leadership techniques, tailoring them specifically for professional women.

Resilience, or the R in GRACE, has a secret ingredient. It’s called slowing down and recharging your energy. You know the deal: Sprint, recover, and repeat. Part of recovery is getting enough sleep each night. But when we consider our fast-paced New York lifestyles, our on-the-go careers, and our family obligations, how are we supposed to carve out time for sleep? And for that matter, what incentive do we even have to slow down at all, when everybody else is cruising along at top speed?

If you’re dedicated to living your ultimate potential, DRIVEN can help you find the time to snooze. The first step is demonstrating why sleep is vital for an energized, healthy YOU, and how it’s imperative if you want to boost your career productivity. Join DRIVEN founder Deborah Goldstein as she welcomes Workplace Wellness Strategist, Executive Speaker & Coach, and friend Jennie Fagen to discuss why you should make sleep a priority and how to maximize those Z’s. Our July 20th OfficeHours will be a game changer for anyone ready to recalibrate their lifestyle and aim for success! Simply register by following this link.

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