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OfficeHours: Retrain That Brain! Your Shortcuts To Executive Presence


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OfficeHours: Retrain That Brain! Your Shortcuts To Executive Presence

The principles of executive presence focus on the importance of appearance, communication skills and gravitas. As such, there is nothing that makes or breaks your executive presence more quickly than your level of self-regulation. Think of those short-lived colleagues who got away with table pounding and vocal outbursts to get things done. We can’t all be like that, yet in an environment of perpetual stress, many of us are tempted to scream and throw a phone from time to time.

If you can remain consistently cool under fire in the workplace, you’ll increase your gravitas in the most profound way. Supplement this with some insights into how to build your neural pathways to increase your calm, and you can even take the edge off those averted explosions. Thanks to fMRI-based research, we truly have the power to create our own destiny in part, choosing who we want to be.

When you attend our October OfficeHours, you’ll take away a couple of quick and easy exercises to settle down before an outburst, feel more centered, and retrain your brain for superior executive presence during stressful situations going forward. You’ll be so pleased with your results that you might even give yourself a mental fist pump! Simply register by following this link.

Program Start: 12:00pm
Program End Time: 12:45pm

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Kristy Wallace

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Rebecca Spitzer

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