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Minneapolis, MN • August 9, 2018

Join Ellevate member Jessica Leigh Lyons at The Coven in a conversation that combines personal storytelling and deep empathy practices to strengthen our personal power and agency in the world.

Thursday, August 9, 2018 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM CDT

The Coven
30 North 1st Street
Minneapolis, MN 55401

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And when we love, we know love will last. Significantly, we know, having learned through much trial and error, that true love begins with self-love. And that time and time again our search for love brings us back to the place where we started, back to our own heart's mirror, where we can look upon our female selves with love and be renewed.- bell hooks, Communion: The Female Search for Love

Come be present with Ellevate member, Jessica Leigh Lyons, on Thursday, August 9 at 8am at the Coven where we shall combine personal storytelling AND deep empathy practices that strengthen our personal power and agency in the world.

Our stories are our power AND listening to one another provides seeds we can’t quite imagine. AND we need empathy language and frameworks if we are going to do the deep work of healing this fragmented, beautiful, messy world that we live in. Empathy is a muscle, and it takes incredible amounts of practice, beyond your partner and family. We need our empathy skills to imagine the world that we want to see.

If you’re craving a place to see + be seen, to KNOW + be known, SoulSpeak: What it takes to LOVE is happening Thursday, July 12 at 8am at the Coven! Join US!

What’s happening?

Part I

The first hour is a storytelling experience (no prep necessary!) all about LOVE. We’ll share stories about self-love (or perhaps deep shame, the opposite of love), explore the ways in which our society does not teach us about love and so we must rebelliously commit to exploring Love, and moments when we’ve experienced the depth of love.

There will be sample story prompts to get your heart and mind stirring. Prompts like:

  • Tell us about a time you felt unconditional love and how you *knew* it was present?
  • Speak to us of a time you loved and it was not returned.
  • What messages did you ingest about love growing up?

Part II

Our stories are a part of our wisdom. They protect us. They serve us. They move us forward in incredible ways. Using the power of stories and the trust that comes from hearing and seeing one another, we’ll ease into an empathy practice using Marshall Rosenberg’s nonviolent communication framework.

Nonviolent communication has us building shared realities and using the power of empathy as the way to create deep solutions.

If you’re wanting a practice that can help you create stronger relationships and communities and develop an embodied presence of love, this is a place to play.

*This event has a suggested donation of $25. Please do not let this hinder your presence in anyway, as it is not required for participation.

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