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Young & In Charge Summit

Online • August 27, 2018

How to unleash the bold, fearless leader within and start living a life of limitless possibilities!

Mon, Aug 27 10:00 AM - Wed, Sep 19 10:00 AM EDT

I'm so excited to join Mary Poffenroth (another Ellevate member) and many others at Young and In Charge Summit next week. This online summit will provide young leaders with proven strategies to overcome limiting beliefs, unleash their full leadership potential, and start living a life of limitless possibilities! 

So, if you're a young (or young at heart) leader, join us for the Young and In Charge Summit, kicking off on August 27. To learn more (and for a complimentary ticket), visit:

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Full Agenda


Day 1- August 27:
John Ramstead- Living Life Fully Alive
Day 2- August 28:
Don Barden- Lead from the Heart and Move Mountains
Day 3- August 29:
Iris Polit- Hack Your Brain to Get Out of Your Own Way
Day 4- August 30:
Steve Perkins- How to Find Your Sweet Spot
Day 5- August 31:
Meiyoko Taylor- The Quarter Life Crisis
Day 6 – September 1:
Jeff Butler- You Are Not Who You Think You Are
Day 7- September 2:
Robbie Samuels- How to Avoid A Stack of Business Cards and No Real Connection
Day 8- September 3:
Mary Poffenroth- How to Build a Relationship with Fear
Day 9- September 4:
Jeanny Chai- The Myth of the Bamboo Ceiling: Taking Ownership of your Career Design
Day 10- September 5:
Evan Tarver- The Passion Problem
Day 11- September 6:
Tammy Gooler Loeb- The Coaching Mindset
Day 12- September 7:
Deborah Burke- Decoding the Forces Around You and Unlock Success
Day 13- September 8:
Tommy Thompson- Dreaming 60
Day 14- September 9:
Jonathan Kennedy- What’s Your Mission with Money?
Day 15- September 10:
Chris Dyer- The Power of Company Culture
Day 16- September 11:
Andy Paul- The Art of Selling You
Day 17- September 12:
Tammy Dowley-Blackman- Finding Your Leadership Path
Day 18- September 13:
Melissa Smith- The World as Your Oyster: How to build a successful career working remotely
Day 19- September 14:
Bruce Tulgan- Building Your Brand as a Leader Before You Become a Leader
Day 20- September 15:
Christina Ryan- The Is No Such Thing as You Can’t
Day 21- September 16:
Jennifer Kauffman- Moments of Impact
Day 22- September 17:
Steve Nedvidek- The Power of Understanding
Day 23- September 18:
Renessa Boley Layne- Bored, Burnt Out, and Unfulfilled to Doing Work You Love
Day 24- September 19:
Dave Sanderson- When Everything Changes, Change Everything

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Kristy Wallace
Kristy Wallace

New York, NY

CEO at Ellevate Network

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Maricella Herrera Avila

VP Operations & Strategy at Ellevate Network

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