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Move, Feel, Heal. It's Time to Shake Your Soul®!

New York, NY • September 14, 2018

Feeling stressed, disconnected from yourself or tired of mindless workouts? Then you’ll love this class. We'll shake, stomp & shimmy to the sound of world music, you'll be smiling in no time :-)

Friday, September 14, 2018 6:30 PM - 7:45 PM EDT

Joffrey Ballet School
434 6th Avenue
Studio 4
New York, NY 10011

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Shake Your Soul® is a movement practice that will:

  • Relax your nervous system
  • Energize your body
  • Uplift your spirit and...
  • Get you sweating in no time while having fun with a creative community of like-minded people.

Why Shush?

So many words, so little peace...don't you think? Words are often misunderstood or misused. Their power to convey peace is limited, often words stir up heated debates. Dance on the other hand has been used since the beginning of time to celebrate, mourn, give thanks, invoke rain, entertain and more. Dance is healing. Dance and community go hand in hand.

Connecting and healing through movement is what Shake Your Soul® is about at its core.

If you're feeling stressed, disconnected from yourself, others, or you’re tired of mindless workouts, then you’ll love Shake Your Soul®.

A SYS class integrates a variety of movement forms: qigung, yoga, modern dance, african dance, latin dance and of course your own soul-inspired dance! All set to world and pop music.

Shake Your Soul® is both a sweaty + sacred experience that will leave you feeling deeply nourished.

Come alone, bring a friend, your kid, a partner. Most of all come as you are!

And to be clear, you do not need prior dance experience at all. As Gabrielle Roth said:

"If you have a body then you are a dancer."


"Sylvie’s class is fun and playful! I felt joyful and alive, empowered and energized!" - Amy

"I unexpectedly found myself completely entranced by the pure joy of dancing in this meditative way." - Christine

"I love the way I feel when I dance with Sylvie. I stop thinking and just feel joy of movement." - Laura

"I love the ambiance, the music and the ability to feel free. And in a way having a guide to be free." - Karen

"Sylvie I enjoyed your class very much. I loved the free-form movements, the high energy, the creativity when we were dancing in your class. The music was wonderful...I love the music you played! I thought it was a fantastic cardio workout! I strongly feel this class is for all ages and all fitness levels. My body felt so free and refreshed after the class. I slept so well that night! Keep up the good work and I hope to see you soon." Danielle Bosley

" When I heard about Sylvie’s Shake & Shush class I thought it was exciting, but the reserve side of me started making excuses to not attend. I asked a few friends to go with me but weren’t able to go for one reason or another. My curious side took over and told me to keep an open mind and to try new experiences, I might have fun. Sure enough, class started and I do very much love the way Sylvie delivers her insight about Shush and Shake. It was beautiful- I felt shy and reserve at first but the dancing and movements made me forget all about it and I was present. There was such a freedom in the dances Sylvie took us through. By the end of the evening, I wanted more, I felt so giddy and happy. I look forward to attending as many of her workshops as I can xo" - Michelle


Transportation - Take 1/2/3 to 14th street, F/M to 14th, A/B/C/D/E/F/M to West 4th, L/N/Q/R/W/4/5/6 to Union Square.
Dress - Comfortable! Barefoot or socks.
Showers available.
Bring a water bottle. (there is a water fountain)

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