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Virtual Book Club

Online • September 27, 2018

Sign up for a virtual book club to learn new discoveries about the women's movement from systems thinking expert, exec coach & author, Kim Faith

Thursday, September 27, 2018 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

Leadership Portal to the Future for Women

As an expert in systems thinking who has coached female executives around the world, I discovered seven prevailing mindsets which kept showing up repeatedly to stand in our way.  I was surprised to find it did not matter what level of leadership, where they were in the world or what age they were.  It did not matter how many advanced degrees we have either!  I was shocked to see the same seven mindsets which inspired me to publish my book Your Lion Inside, Tapping into the Power Within.  You can learn more specifically about the book at

More importantly is the larger picture of what is happening with the women's movement globally.  The book was simply one step in a much larger story of connecting the dots.  There is a window of time available to us to dramatically shift the future for the lives of our daughters.  The host of the virtual book club is going to be asking me about why I published the book and we will connect the dots for the larger story unfolding before our very eyes.  Time is critical as I will show.  

Please join me for this virtual book club to learn more and find out if you would like me to host a webinar for the women in your world.  I am passionately spreading the message and am delighted to make this webinar offer to my fellow members of Ellevate. I feel like my entire life and experience with systems thinking has prepared me for this moment in time where I can serve you!

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