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The 4 Best Practices to Negotiating with Confidence


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The 4 Best Practices to Negotiating with Confidence

Do career negotiations make you anxious? Do you find yourself avoiding the difficult conversations that you know you need to have? If so, you are not alone. Please join Columbia Business School professor and leader of the negotiation curriculum, Daniel Ames, PhD and leadership consultant, Kim Karetsky, for a Jam Session on Negotiating with Confidence. This session will focus on job and career related negotiations and will highlight four best practices to help you: prepare, speak with confidence, leverage others and share the appropriate level of detail. 

Daniel Ames (Ph.D.) is a professor in the Management Division at Columbia Business School, where he leads the School’s curriculum on negotiation. He is also the creator and leader of Negotiable, a collection of digital resources that helps people build, maintain, and apply their ability to negotiate.

Kim Karetsky is an Ellevate member and collaborator on Negotiable. She is also the Founder and CEO of KHK Leadership and Learning, a consulting business which designs and implements customized professional development and leadership services to organizations and individuals.



This Jam Session is a preview of a new pilot partnership between Ellevate and Negotiable, an online training course that can help you get a win - no matter what conversation you’re in. It can help negotiation novices make quick progress, or help experts take stock and polish their skills.

Daniel’s negotiations course was the most useful part of my Columbia MBA, and I still use his lessons today! When I learned he was offering the curriculum as an online course, I immediately knew I wanted to bring it to Ellevate members - you’ll love it.

-Maricella Herrera, Ellevate Senior Director Operations and Strategy



So, why did we choose Negotiable for Ellevate Members?

You'll Learn How to Always Get a Win

Over 8 weeks, you’ll learn to negotiate by watching training sessions and completing activities developed by a leading negotiations scholar and professor in the Columbia Business School management division. The curriculum is designed for busy professionals - it gets right to the point, takes less than an hour per week, and can be completed at your own pace.

Negotiable includes weekly  training videos (see a preview below!), weekly downloadable worksheets, weekly personal assessments, and a Job Negotiations Phrasebook (what to say, and how to respond) - all designed to help you learn in whatever way works for you, at your own pace.


You Won't Do It Alone

We know that learning together, alongside your peers, makes all the difference. For the first time, Ellevate members can join a hand-picked Negotiation Team - a group of other ambitious, professional women at your level with whom you can discuss each week’s curriculum, role play negotiation scenarios, and get feedback on your new skills.

At Ellevate, we believe in connecting you with the right women, who will help you get ahead and support you in reaching your goals. We believe that when ambitious women get more opportunity — to have a voice in important conversations, to have a seat at the table where decisions are made, to steer our collective economic power towards that which we care about — it ultimately benefits everyone, and leads to a more equal world.


It's for women of all experience levels.

Negotiation is just problem-solving with people who have different points of view.

Do you want to... 

  • Know exactly what words and phrases to use in talking about your salary, benefits, and value to the company?
  • Learn to negotiate from a place of weakness, not just from a place of strength?
  • Blow past your sales and business development targets by stepping into your counterpart's shoes?
  • Navigate tough conversations by understanding where all parties are coming from?

Any time two or more people with different points of view come together and seek agreement on a way to move ahead, they’re negotiating. From sales professionals to senior leaders, from business development to team managers, negotiation skills are relevant to nearly everyone’s performance and well-being.

Negotiable helps those who’ve never had training before make quick progress - and Negotiable can help skilled professionals take stock, hone their skills further, and share what they know with others.


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