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Goals & Priorities: How to keep up with them when you have WAY too much to do!

Washington, DC • January 10, 2019

Join us for a lively discussion filled with actionable ideas to make 2019 your best year yet!

Thursday, January 10, 2019 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM EST

Hogan Lovells
555 13th St., NW
13th Floor - Room 13-201
Washington, DC 20004

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We know you have 72 items on today's to-do list, and dozens more just around the corner.  With this kind of time pressure, it can be virtually impossible to remember the goals you set, let alone to find any space to actually focus on those goals.

Join us for a lively conversation with time management expert Terry Monaghan, CEO of Time Triage. 

The truth is, it is really simple: just follow a consistent plan. The trick is determining what is the right plan for you, and this workshop was designed to support you in that.


This workshop is for anyone who wants to get unstuck. If you’re feeling alone and you don’t know where to start, or you’re working so hard it’s exhausting but nothing’s happening, or you want to grow but don’t know how, this is the workshop for you!

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner - or you want to start a business in the new year - you probably understand how easy it is to find yourself engulfed by the stress, overwhelm & worry that can engulf business owners when they are trying to do it all. We’ve been where you are and are here to help support you in your journey to grow great a businesses with simplicity and ease.

And, if you are a corporate professional, we know how crazy busy your days can get - especially when you find yourself spending the entire day at the beck and call of others, or in meeting after meeting after meeting.

Light dinner will be served. We will have a selection of Bento Boxes for you to choose from.

Metro:Metro Center

Parking in the building is $10-20


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