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EMERGE 2019: Start The Year Clear, Calm & Focused on What Matters


 2 hours & 30 minutes

EMERGE 2019: Start The Year Clear, Calm & Focused on What Matters

Note: This is the first of four Power Pauses that our chapter will be offering this year with Christine, each with a slightly different focus. 

The way you start your year directly impacts how you will live your year. Start 2019 by taking a ‘Power Pause’ – an intentional step out of your daily life to connect with your deeper internal wisdom, gain clarity, and be supported by a community of other powerful and wise women to:

REFLECT: Look back at 2018 to reveal the wisdom you’ve gained and feel the successes you had, so you start the new year feeling proud and grounded vs. pressured and behind.

CONNECT: What really matters to you this coming year? In your work? Your relationships? Your health, wealth, home, and personal growth? Reveal and articulate what really matters to you in all parts of your life vs. what you think you have to or should do. Make sure what you choose to do in 2019 actually brings you the returns and results you desire.

INTEND: Instead of creating goals or vision boards that stress you out or resolutions that fizzle out, learn to use your feminine power of focus to illuminate a path ahead. Set specific intentions that empower you to be both focused and fluid. Learn what it takes to operate within the flow in 2019 vs feeling like you have to push, control and make it all happen now, and on your own.

You’ll leave this interactive and self-reflective workshop with:

  • Pride on the inside about what you accomplished in 2018 personally and professionally – so you start 2019 feeling ahead, strong and ready.
  • Clarity on what matters most to you in your work, relationships, finances and personal wellness and growth in 2019 – so your goals, projects and effort align with what you actually desire, and you create a life that nourishes your whole self.
  • New “feminine wisdom” tools for setting goals and growing your work and desires over the year, including a path of action for the first 3 months of 2019 -- based on how women naturally work, operate and create best.
  • Practices for staying connected to your inner wisdom throughout the year - so you have the power to stay focused on what matters and stay out of overwhelm.
  • Connection to other powerful and courageous women in Seattle – so you feel supported, seen and like you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.

When you pause to reflect on all you have done and become, you FEEL and SEE the results of the energy and time you’ve given. You gain the power to focus your life force going forward on what really matters. As you start 2019, dare to say NO! to fragmenting your energy, and courageously say YES! to both your professional success and personal sustainability.”

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Full Agenda

To ensure we have a full two-hours for our mini-workshop, we are starting a bit earlier than typical!  The workshop content itself is designed to allow you to connect with other participants, so you will be networking while learning.  

5:30-5:50: Registration and networking over light appetizers

5:50-6:00: Introductions  

6:00-7:55: Workshop activities

7:55-8:00: Announcements

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Kristy Wallace

Kristy Wallace

New York, NY

Former CEO at Ellevate Network

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CEO at Ellevate Network

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Rebecca Spitzer

Rebecca Spitzer

New York, NY

VP of Product and Technology at Ellevate Network

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