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Ellevate Seattle 2019 Power Pause Series (Mar/Jul/Sep)

Seattle, WA • March 23, 2019

We want to elevate the work, presence and wellness of the women in our community by offering 4 “Power Pauses” in 2019, one each quarter! This posting is for the workshop series 3/23; 7/09 and 9/28.

Sat, Mar 23 1:00 PM - Sat, Sep 28 5:00 PM PDT

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1322 S. Bayview St.
Seattle, WA 98144

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This year, we are taking a stand for the women in the Ellevate community to create experiences that give you the space to reflect and gain clarity about how to best focus your energy, time and resources in your work, personal wellness, wealth and relationships.

There is so much pressure in our daily lives and so much to do, that if we don’t press pause to get clear about what we really want to do and what will have the biggest impact, we end up overwhelmed and burned out. We fragment our resources and deplete ourselves.

Quarterly, we are offering these Power Pauses – like an urban retreat – where we can come together as a community for a full afternoon, in a relaxed and spacious environment to:

  • reflect personally on our professional and personal lives
  • connect with each other to gain insight hard to see on our own
  • tap into our inner wisdom so we can make wise choices
  • learn new feminine leadership practices we can use in our daily lives so we can feel radiant and resilient, and show up confident, courageous and clear. 

Led by feminine leadership advisor, Christine Arylo, each Power Pause has a unique focus based on the time of year that it occurs. Power Pauses align with the natural cycles of the Solstices and Equinoxes, which mark the shifts of the 4 seasons, natural times for pausing, reflecting and re-focusing.

  1. Jan 15th: EMERGE 2019: Start the Year Clear, Calm and Focused on What Matters. (evening workshop). Reflect on what you accomplished in 2018, so you start 2019 feeling successful not behind. Get clear on what matters most to you in 2019, in all realms of your life. Come up with a “Power Mantra” for the year that will keep you centered. Release the pressure to get it all done now, give yourself permission to pace yourself.
  2. March 23nd: HARMONIZE 2019: Feminine Power for Creating a Successful + Sustainable Life in Which You Thrive. (Our first half day ‘urban retreat’!) Spring is the time to reveal the imbalances in your work, relationships and habits that create overwhelm, and get them into harmony. Elevate your physical and personal practices so you can stay strong in body, mind, heart and spirit as you go about doing all you desire to do. Learn yogic and feminine wisdom practices for self-sustainability, resilience, and vitality. Gain clarity about what to put the majority of your life force to grow, and what you can put on maintenance mode for a quarter to create some space for yourself!
  3. July 9th – FLOW 2019: Mid-Year Power Pause to Focus Your Life Force on What Matters. (evening workshop)Wise, strong and happy women know that when we stop mid-year to assess what is working, what’s flowing and what’s not quite turning out as we expected, the results we experience at the end of the year are SO much better. Here we pause together, a half year wiser, to celebrate our successes so far, to share where we are stuck and could use some sister wisdom, and to set focused intentions for the second half of the year in our work, relationships, money, health and personal growth.
  4. September 28th – HARVEST 2019: Reap and Receive From All the Effort, Time, Energy and Love You’ve Given (half day urban retreat). Emerging from summer, at this point of the year, we are ready to move into the last boost of concentrated effort to bring into form what we said we desired at the start of the year. First, we reconnect with those original desires. See what’s worked and what’s left undone. Re-align our physical and mindfulness practices to support us in creating what we desire to be true by the end of the year. And we make sure that what mattered to our health, heart and self that isn’t tied to work gets nurtured and cared for.

While we may not know what is going to happen as we step into the intensity and uncertainty of 2019, what we do know is that when women come together with intention and focus in sisterhood, shift happens.

What is a Power Pause?

A personal leadership offsite = intentional space for you to step out of the day-to-day, tap into your deeper wisdom, and gain a bigger picture of what’s happening- in your work, relationships, wealth, and wellness, so you can wisely adjust how you spend your resources and life force - professionally and personally -- for the next cycle ahead.

A powerful mastermind of wise women – we are most powerful and empowered as women when we are in sisterhood and connection with other women trailblazers, where you can bounce ideas, share experiences and get insight from others that would be hard to see on your own.

A deeper dive into the skills and practices we need to expand in our leadership, impact, vitality and intuitive wisdom that we don’t receive in our traditional education or business focused training – but that are the foundation to our success and sustainability. 

Note: Purchased tickets are non-refundable.

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Our half-day workshops on March 23 and September 28 will start promptly at 1pm and end at 5pm.  We will have snacks and refreshment to nourish you throughout the afternoon. 

Our July 9th workshop will be at 5:30pm - 8:00pm and we will have light refreshments available. Registration opens at 5:30pm and the program will begin shortly before 6pm. 


Street parking is available on surrounding blocks (particularly 14th Ave, Lander Street, etc.). We encourage public transport - the venue is also just 2 blocks from the Beacon Hill Light Rail station! 

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