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Career Mastery™ Kickstart 2019


 1 week & 3 days

Online • Closed Captioned • 

Career Mastery™ Kickstart 2019

Happy New Year!

If you want to make this year your best year ever, then you’ll love this incredible event called Career Mastery™ Kickstart.

This free online summit helps you get the new year off to a great start and achieve greater success in your career.

May Busch, the summit’s host and former COO of Morgan Stanley Europe, and 49 world-class experts are sharing proven career tips and strategies to succeed faster and more easily.

Career Mastery™ Kickstart features some of the world’s leading thinkers and doers. We’re talking bestselling authors, award-winning executive coaches and psychologists, and senior executives including, Whitney Johnson, Dorie Clark, Michael Bungay Stanier, Marshall Goldsmith, Laura Vanderkam, Greg McKeown, Ron Friedman, Carla Harris, and Daniel Goleman.

For 10 days, these 50 experts are sharing their best tips and strategies to raise your game, your career and your life to the next level. And it’s completely free.

What sets this summit apart from others is that it’s designed to help you take action. In addition to in-depth interviews, you also get immediately actionable Career Mastery™ Tips. Thousands of people have benefited from these Tips, and just one or two can take your career to a new and exciting level.

“After implementing two tips at my current job, I was asked to take on more leadership with more pay!”

- Phil O'Neal

Here are just some of the many topics covered during the Summit:

  • How to be More Visible and Stand out at Work
  • How to Master Stress
  • How to Make your Conversations Really Count
  • How to Build your Network
  • How to Manage Different Kinds of Bosses
  • How to Find Mentors and Sponsors
  • How to Build your Personal Brand Online
  • How to be Seen as a Strategic Thinker
  • How to Have the Conversation you’ve Been Avoiding
  • How to be Mentally Strong in the Workplace
  • How to be a Great Boss
  • and more...

It starts on Tuesday, January 22, and early registration has already kicked off. I recommend you sign up ASAP because early registrants will receive a special preview that no one else gets.

What’s more, you’ll also get a free virtual goody bag filled with resources to help you succeed faster.

This is a fantastic way to start the new year and there’s potential to reap big rewards. By the end of the Summit, you’ll be more focused, confident and effective in advancing your career.

So, if you have BIG goals for 2019, then I invite you to get a ‘front row seat’ because this could change your life.

Reserve your spot now – it’s free

Make 2019 your best year ever! 

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Full Agenda

Career Mastery™ Kickstart 2019 Featured Expert Lineup & Tip Titles

Summit Day 1 - Tues 22 Jan

  1. Dorie Clark - How to be More Visible and Stand Out at Work
  2. Jordan Harbinger - How to Build Your Network
  3. Laura Vanderkam - How to Turn in Better Work
  4. Simon Alexander Ong - How to Build Your Personal Brand
  5. Susan Scott - How to Have the Conversation You've Been Avoiding

Summit Day 2 - Wed 23 Jan

  1. Daniel Goleman - How to Master Stress
  2. Linda Hill - How to be a High Potential
  3. Morten T. Hansen - How to Make the Most of the Time You Spend at Work
  4. Rita McGrath - How to Avoid Getting Blindsided by Changes in Your Organization
  5. Steve Martin - How to Ensure You Are Listened To

Summit Day 3 - Thur 24 Jan

  1. Deepa Purushothaman - How to Be an Inclusive Leader
  2. James Taylor - The Secret to Better Brainstorming
  3. Jerome Wade - The Achiever's Guide to Driving for Success
  4. Phil M. Jones - How to Make Your Conversations Really Count
  5. Sharon Melnick - How to Get a Next Level Role if You Don't Have Experience

Summit Day 4 - Fri 25 Jan

  1. Bruce Tulgan - How to Bring Your Best Self to Work Everyday
  2. Carla Harris - How to Find Great Mentors and Sponsors
  3. Lisa Gates - How One Simple Tactic Improves Your Negotiation Outcomes
  4. Peter Bregman - How to Accomplish Your Most Important Work as a Leader
  5. Ryan Foland - How to Get More by Saying Less

Summit Day 5 - Sat 26 Jan

  1. Dave Stachowiak - How to Create Your First Vision
  2. Howard Yu - How to Avoid Getting Automated in the Age of Smart Machines
  3. Jackie Stavros - How to Fuel Productive and Meaningful Engagement in Daily Conversations
  4. Mark Schaefer - How to Build Your Personal Brand Online
  5. Mary Abbajay - How to Manage Different Kinds of Bosses

Summit Day 6 - Sun 27 Jan

  1. Amy Morin - How to Be Mentally Strong in the Workplace
  2. John Spence - How to Be Seen as a Strategic Thinker
  3. Lisa Rangel - How to Find the Hidden Job Market
  4. Mark Bowden - How to be Trustworthy and Inspiring (on Video and in Person)
  5. Pegine - How to Make a Politically Savvy, High Impact Pitch

Summit Day 7 - Mon 28 Jan

  1. Alan Stein - How to Close Your Top Performance Gap
  2. Gloria Feldt - How to Communicate More Effectively Across Genders and Cultures
  3. Greg McKeown - How to Eliminate the Non-Essentials in Your Life
  4. India Gary Martin - How to Get the Outcome You Want in Any Meeting
  5. Whitney Johnson - How to Be a Great Boss

Summit Day 8 - Tues 29 Jan

  1. Elisabeth Moreno - How to Set Yourself Up to Achieve Your Potential
  2. Gordon Tredgold - How to Hold People Accountable
  3. Neen James - How to Get the Attention You Want and Need in Your Career
  4. Randy Gravitt - How to Live an Unstuck Life
  5. Ron Friedman - How to Disconnect From Work

Summit Day 9 - Wed 30 Jan

  1. Camille Preston - How to Make Procrastination Work for You
  2. Leo Bottary - How to Achieve Big Goals
  3. Maya Hu Chan - How to Overcome Micro-inequities in the Workplace
  4. Michael Bungay Stanier - How to Give the Very Best Advice as a Leader
  5. Virginia Herlihy - How to Share the Mental Load to Boost Career Success for You and Your Partner

Summit Day 10 - Thur 31 Jan

  1. Judy Robinett - The 5 Key Concepts That Will Help You Be Successful Personally and Professionally
  2. Mark Bonchek - How to Succeed in Times of Change
  3. Marshall Goldsmith - The Key to Serenity at Work
  4. May Busch - The 3 Actions to Set Yourself Up for Promotion This Year
  5. Nick Morgan - How to Make Your Weekly Conference Call More Productive

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