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How to Have the Conversations You've Been Avoiding


In this Jam Session, we'll learn how to have and handle the tough conversations we avoid having when the stakes are high, emotions are strong and opinions vary.

Tue, May 21, 2019 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

If you feel stuck — in a relationship, in your career, at home — chances are a conversation you are avoiding is keeping you there. As women, we can have difficulty having our voices heard. Taught to ‘be nice’, it can be extra hard for us to have the conversations that we need to have. 

This Jam Session will help you handle these conversations — conversations that occur when:

  • The stakes are high
  • Emotions run strong
  • Opinions vary

With conversation techniques you will learn, you'll be able to: prepare for these high-stakes situations with proven techniques and transform anger and hurt feelings into powerful dialogue. You will learn how to: make it safe to talk about almost anything, be persuasive not abrasive and improve nearly every professional and personal relationship.

Joanne Vitali is the Geek Girl coach. A former nuclear engineer and NASA astronaut trainer, she coaches STEM women to attain and strengthen their rightful leadership roles. Her mission is to achieve gender parity, and she looks forward to the day when 50% female senior leadership in corporations is an everyday thing. She relishes in helping all Geek Girls own their brilliance.

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