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Are You Being Heard?

San Diego, CA • March 29, 2019

Have you led a meeting only to have your message fall flat? Join to learn how to craft your message to your listeners, voice it with confidence, and move your listener to action.

Friday, March 29, 2019 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT

The Aventine
8910 University Center Lane Suite 1100
San Diego, CA 92122

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Have you ever had the executive team ignore your perspective on a critical business issue and then have one of your colleagues pitch the same idea later, only to be followed by a pat on the back for creative thinking?

Have you chaired a meeting where participants were not engaged, could not collaborate, or failed to generate new ideas?

The primary reason for these unfortunate scenarios is often one’s inability to communicate in an impactful way. Join Sue Ebner, Founder and Principal of Ebner Consults, in our March Society Session, as she takes everyone through the DISC TTI Management Behavior Style instrument. You will learn to identify your communication style and, importantly, how to identify, understand and acknowledge the communication styles and preferences of others, allowing you to craft a message that is both clear and motivating to your intended audience.

During The Society Workshop we will move beyond learning and work through a real world situation together, applying the communication techniques we learn from Sue.

Pre-work: DISC Assessment (30 minutes); completed no later Friday March 22. You will receive the link upon registration.

Bonus Opportunity: The Society Roundtable. One of the core tenants of The Society is to come together, learn together and lift each other up as we break through the glass ceiling. After the workshop you are welcome to share a meal, giving us an opportunity to work through a real-world challenge that you’re facing. You can present the issue to The Society members to get their input and support on how to deal with the issue—realizing the power of the community.

Giving Back: 10% of each ticket will be donated to local charities that align with our mission of #womensupportingwomen. The March event will support Leap to Success, which has empowered over 2,000 women in San Diego who have left behind domestic abuse, addiction, and homelessness. Help women find their voices and soar! 

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