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#RelationshipGoals: How To Cultivate Social Capital And Advance Your Career

Online • August 26, 2019

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For every 79 women promoted, 100 men are. It’s time for women to incorporate relationship goals, cultivate social capital and implement strategies in conjunction with others to advance their career.

Mon, Aug 26 9:00 AM - Mon, Sep 2 12:00 AM EDT

Event hosted by Ericka Spradley.
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The one thing that will accelerate career advancement faster than anything else is your relationships. In this self-paced, 30 min course, I introduce 3 phases of cultivating social capital that provide solutions to the challenges you face such as:

  • Unsure of how to begin
  • Unsure of what to say
  • Time constraints

#RelationshipGoals provides solutions to these challenges so you can work smarter and experience the career mobility you desire.

This course includes:

  • Communication framework that positions your “ask” (request for a meeting)
  • Sample meeting agendas that increase your preparedness
  • Blueprint (5 steps) that position you to strategically shape your social capital conversations
  • 5 relationships to invest in that advance your career
  • Mistakes to avoid when cultivating social capital
  • BONUS: How To Attract An Ally Tips
  • BONUS: Social Capital Questions including “Conversation Starters”
  • BONUS: PowHer Move Goal Sheet to track your relationships and results

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