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Women Of Wisdom

Dubai, AE • March 29, 2019

A group of 10 brave women coming together to reconnect with their Inner Wisdom.

Friday, March 29, 2019 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM +04

ONE Business Centre, Level 38, inside the Media One Hotel

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Imagine how great it would feel to finally ask for what you need, with confidence, compassion and strength.
To stand in your truth, to know your boundaries, to feel all of your emotions, to have peace of mind and clarity.

Imagine how easy your life would be if you knew yourself better and accepted all of you.

You might think, is this possible for me too?
The short answer - YES!

I know life is busy and sometimes we even feel guilty for slowing down.
We feel like we have to always catch up to get ahead (in our career, in our business, at home, in our relationships).

We take time for ourselves only when we are sick (some of us, not even then).
Our body is so wise that it forces us to slow down, to rest.

But why wait until then? Why wait until you get sick or until you are faced with a giant challenge?

I know the messages we receive on a constant basis (from the society, the education system, from our family) are to put others first.
We wait until we deplete our resources completely to finally take care of our needs (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

Is that wise?

What I know for sure is that as women, we are wise beyond our years. We have an innate wisdom that we can always trust to guide us on a daily basis.
Our minds are so cluttered with judgements, thoughts, stress, anxiety, that we miss that quiet inner voice.

Imagine surrounding yourself with wise women who share their stories, who share their wisdom, their truth.
Imagine the growth and the pace of it!

The time to take action and make that your reality is now.
Be part of a group of 10 other Women Of Wisdom who meet twice per month to support and learn from each other.
Be part of a community of loving, compassionate and bold women on a journey to Personal Awareness and Growth.

I will be facilitating the conversations in this supportive group of women on their journey to reconnecting to their inner wisdom.
And I'm really excited to explore with you topics like: developing your wisdom and intuition, personal development, relationships, compassionate communication, leadership, fulfilment in life, peace of mind and calmness and many more!

And yes, we are meeting here in Dubai!

You can find more details on the Women Of Wisdom website.

Next session is on the 29th of March, Friday (from 10 AM to 12 PM).
The location: Media One Hotel - ONE Business Centre, floor 38 (yes, with a beautiful view!)

The private coaching/ mentoring sessions with me are 900 AED per session (250 USD).

Because this is a special group, and because I want you to feel committed to the process, I'm offering this to you at the rate 100 AED per session (29 USD per session).

Book your seat by RSVP-ing on the website:

PS: please share this event with your friends/ co-workers who might be curious about this space.
And if you want to bring this format to your company, please message me.

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