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The Hidden Effects of Student Loans on Your Career and Ways to Minimize the Impact

Washington, DC

Part 1: Personal Finance. The stress of student loans is following us into the workplace. Let's talk about how the stress shows up at work and the new ways to deal with paying back our student loans.

Thu, May 16, 2019 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM EDT

Hogan Lovells
555 13th St., NW
13th Floor
Washington, DC 20004

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Record levels of student loan debt has become a major source of financial stress, frequently displacing more traditional concerns over how to afford a home or support an expanding family. About 44 million Americans carry student loan debt and collectively owe more than about $1.4 trillion. That makes it the second largest consumer debt category, behind only home mortgages.

Millennials are putting off getting married; they may be delaying having kids or even buying a first home. Gen Xers are still paying down their own student loans while balancing the need to save for their kids’ college education and for their own retirement. They are taxed both emotionally and financially.

When we think about financial stress, clearly student debt contributes to it. And, unfortunately, those worries don’t simply dissipate when we walk in the office door. Because so many links between student loans and workplace success exist, companies are taking notice. Employers are paying attention because of the impact student loan debt has on recruitment, retention and employee productivity.

Come learn about the ways student loan stress is affecting you in the workplace. Find out about the various ways you can reduce your monthly student loan payments, get help from your employer and/or have some of your loans forgiven.

Materials and information are being provided by Splash Financial.

Refreshments will be served.

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