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Navigating Life Series: Mindfulness in the Ups and Downs of Everyday Life (3 of 3)

Oak Brook, IL • July 11, 2019

This series helps you re-calibrate your internal GPS. Workshop 3 shows you how to be with ‘what is,’ and let go of your attachments to how things ‘should be' vs. 'how they are.'

Thursday, July 11, 2019 6:30 PM - 8:45 PM CDT

Oak Brook 22
1211 West 22nd Street
Training Center - 1st Floor
Oak Brook, IL 60523

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The daily ordinariness of everyday life provides many opportunities to be with whatever the current weather system is in your life.

The stresses of not knowing what the weather will be . . . and of not wanting it to be this, but only that, can drain you, sucking you into the undertow of uncertainty, struggle, and disappointment.

Learning to accept your current experience is to know the beauty and freedom of being alive.

The skill of observing our own weather patterns of mood and mindset is known as ‘being what is.’

In this highly interactive workshop, you’ll learn the skills to ride the waves of your experience by attuning your attention to your physical sensations.

This workshop may be for you if:

  • Experience high stress and overwhelm more than you’d care to admit
  • Wonder at times if ‘Is this all there is?’
  • Want to learn new tools for working with yourself when you get stuck
  • Seek to find joy in both the pleasant and the unpleasant events of everyday life

Learning to read the map of life and ride the waves of daily experience are key sensibilities and skills for navigating life.

Mindfulness in the Ups and Downs of Everyday Life is one of three sessions in the Navigating Life Series. Sign up now for an upgrade on your internal GPS.

Attend all three workshops and save!

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