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Previous Events.

Each Ellevate event is an opportunity for advancement and growth. Did you love an event? Relive it here. Did you miss one? Get up to speed here.

Holding Space: A Community Circle for the LGBTQIA Community

Join us for our Holding Space Community Circle in service of the LGBTQIA+ members of the Ellevate community. We invite you into a safe space to connect, learn, and grow.

  • Online
Financial Coffee Chat: How to Prepare for 2022!

Come build confidence in preparing for taxes. Learn from our experts.

  • Online
  • Cincinnati
Coffee Chat: Building Your Personal Board of Directors

Looking to create a personal board of directors to provide perspective and support? Grab your favorite morning beverage and join us for a chat with other Ellevate members about making it happen!

  • Online
  • Seattle | Bellevue | Puget Sound
Executive Roundtable: Flipping the Script from Fear to Opportunity

In this session you will learn how to master your mindset to flip the script from fear to opportunity. We will discuss good and bad fear, and you will identify what fear(s) is holding you back.

  • Online
February Happy Hour

Join us for happy hour and time to reconnect professionally in the lowcountry!

  • Charleston, SC
In Person
Valentine's/Galentine's Day Cookie Party

Celebrate all forms of love with your Ellevate loves!

  • Online
  • Philadelphia
Capitol Coffee Chat: February 2022

Grab a coffee and (virtually) join the Ellevate DC Chapter on the 2nd Friday of every month to meet other members and chat about the things that really matter to you.

  • Online
  • Washington, D.C.
Northern NJ Chapter Meetup: Coffee, Conversations & Connections: Does Self-Care Lead to a Better Life?

We will discuss what self-care and self-love mean to you and share strategies for prioritizing ourselves in a busy lifestyle.

  • Online
  • Northern New Jersey
Managing The Mother Load

During this Coffee Meetup, we want to hear how you are balancing motherhood and your career. From first time & expecting mom's to those with grown children, let's discuss how to manage it all.

  • Online
  • Phoenix
Entrepreneurs Roundtable: Grow Your Business with Great Referrals

Leverage your time and your impact by deliberately curating your referral network.

  • Online
Rising Leaders Roundtable: Building a Feedback Culture

You need feedback to get better at what you do, but giving and receiving feedback are skills that need to be learned and practiced to make them effective.

  • Online
ReINVENTION: What's my starting point?

Are you ready for ReINVENTION of your health, professional life, relationships, all of the above and more? If you don't know who you are, how can you reinvent yourself?

  • Online
  • Cincinnati
Central Jersey Meetup in the Morning

Enjoy your coffee, tea or favorite morning drink while we talk about wellness and achieving work/life success with coach Sharon List.

  • Online
  • Central New Jersey
Wednesday Wind Down: New Habits??!!

Todays Wind Down we will focus on how it's going with our 2022 "new habits". A New Year generally brings commitments to do things newly or differently, let's discuss how it's going ... or not going?

  • Online
  • Dallas - Fort Worth
Online Panel Discussion: Embrace Allyship in 2022

Join us for a panel discussion on how you can help women-owned businesses grow, empower professional women to stretch and serve those communities in need through pro-bono, skills-based consulting.

  • Online
  • Twin Cities - Minneapolis | St. Paul
Ellevate 101: New Member Welcome and Information Session

Learn how your Ellevate membership provides opportunities to talk to and learn from other women who can help you build a career you love.

  • Online
Nashville Coffee, Connections, & Conversations

Start your day on a positive note with Ellevate Nashville. Bring a coffee or tea, join us virtually for meaningful conversation, and leave with a new friend, mentor, or business connection.

  • Online
  • Nashville
Executive Roundtable: How to Tap Dance to Work Every Morning

You have a good job and you are valued at work, but are you happy? Do you love what you do? Are you dreading Mondays or can’t wait to start a new day?

  • Online
Women Seeking Confidence Roundtable: Overcoming Perfectionism

This bi-weekly Roundtable is a space for women to come together in the essence of camaraderie, support, and sharing to help each other feel more confident, hosted by confidence coach, Jen Walter.

  • Online
  • Chicago
Cincinnati Sisterhood Resiliency Practice: Tuning into Your Heart

Join us for a 30-minute resiliency practice session where Cincinnati Ellevate member Rebecca Victor will offer a practice she uses to move herself through moments of stress and constriction.

  • Online
  • Cincinnati
February Virtual Chat - Twin Cities

Join us for our First Friday Virtual Chat on February 4! These monthly connections are a community favorite – topics rotate monthly, but no matter what you’ll find connections, ideas, and fellowship.

  • Online
  • Twin Cities - Minneapolis | St. Paul
Entrepreneurs Roundtable: How to Convert Clients at Every Speaking Engagement

Get the tips you need to convert event attendees into your paying clients.

  • Online
Rising Leaders Roundtable: Getting Comfortable with Discomfort

To grow as a leader, people say you have to get out of your comfort zone - but what does that even mean?

  • Online
Join Us to Chat about Your Financial Goals for 2022 over Coffee

Gather to support each other in having 2022 be the best financial year of your life. Bring your coffee and your friends!

  • Online
  • Austin
Virtual Miami Ellevate Connect and Grow Serie: Step Your Influence Game and Fast Track Your Success in 2022

How can you build a powerful network, be impactful in your community when you are not from a famous and rich family or not yet at the top of the corporate ladder?

  • Online
  • Miami | Ft. Lauderdale
*ON-LINE* Monthly Meetup: Rise and Shine in Dubai / February

Join us at our virtual edition of our monthly, informal meetup. Meet familiar faces and make new friends! FREE for all!

  • Online
  • Dubai
Ellevating Together Series: Why Your Vision Board Isn't Working

Is your Vision Board producing massive results? Or does it feel more like it’s broken? Join us to find out what stops your results cold and what to do about it.

  • Online
  • NC Triangle
Toronto Coffee Connection: Let's set ambitious goals!

Join us for our monthly morning meet-up and connect with other professional women over your fave morning bevvie. This month, we're setting ambitious goals. Get ready to aim higher in 2022!

  • Online
  • Toronto
Boston Meetup: Purposeful Conversations in the A.M.

Join us for inspiring conversations that will fuel you all week long.

  • Online
  • Boston
Virtual Event: Best Laid Planners

Join us for an event focused on how to choose and best use a planner or planning system. It's never too late to get your plans in order - and network with other Ellevate members!

  • Online
  • Pittsburgh