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Each Ellevate event is an opportunity for advancement and growth. Did you love an event? Relive it here. Did you miss one? Get up to speed here.

Entrepreneurs Roundtable: How to Convert Clients at Every Speaking Engagement

Get the tips you need to convert event attendees into your paying clients.

  • Online
Rising Leaders Roundtable: Getting Comfortable with Discomfort

To grow as a leader, people say you have to get out of your comfort zone - but what does that even mean?

  • Online
Join Us to Chat about Your Financial Goals for 2022 over Coffee

Gather to support each other in having 2022 be the best financial year of your life. Bring your coffee and your friends!

  • Online
  • Austin
Virtual Miami Ellevate Connect and Grow Serie: Step Your Influence Game and Fast Track Your Success in 2022

How can you build a powerful network, be impactful in your community when you are not from a famous and rich family or not yet at the top of the corporate ladder?

  • Online
  • Miami | Ft. Lauderdale
*ON-LINE* Monthly Meetup: Rise and Shine in Dubai / February

Join us at our virtual edition of our monthly, informal meetup. Meet familiar faces and make new friends! FREE for all!

  • Online
  • Dubai
Toronto Coffee Connection: Let's set ambitious goals!

Join us for our monthly morning meet-up and connect with other professional women over your fave morning bevvie. This month, we're setting ambitious goals. Get ready to aim higher in 2022!

  • Online
  • Toronto
Boston Meetup: Purposeful Conversations in the A.M.

Join us for inspiring conversations that will fuel you all week long.

  • Online
  • Boston
Ellevating Together Series: Why Your Vision Board Isn't Working

Is your Vision Board producing massive results? Or does it feel more like it’s broken? Join us to find out what stops your results cold and what to do about it.

  • Online
  • NC Triangle
Virtual Event: Best Laid Planners

Join us for an event focused on how to choose and best use a planner or planning system. It's never too late to get your plans in order - and network with other Ellevate members!

  • Online
  • Pittsburgh
Executive Roundtable: Get Playful! Build Connection, Creativity, and Joy into your Workplace

Guest expert, Mary Hendra will show you the power and purpose of play in professional settings.

  • Online
First Tuesday of the Month Breakfast (Virtual)

We're going virtual for our First Tuesday of the Month Breakfast so brew your breakfast beverage and use the time to network with the Ellevate Atlanta community.

  • Online
  • Atlanta
Ellevate Business Connect:  Coffee Connect & Networking

Start the new year by connecting with fellow Ellevate members. This month we will be networking while uncovering a theme for our professional self in 2022!

  • Online
  • Cincinnati
Coffee, Connect & Go - Goalsetting in 2022: How to be Intentional About Getting the Professional Life You Really Want

Picture where you want (or don't want!) to be at the end of this new year. How will you get there?

  • Online
  • New York
Cancelled: Philadelphia Virtual Coffee, Conversations and Connections - January - Set your intentions for 2022!

Join our host, Sheila Cosgrove, CMC, as we focus on setting intentions for 2022. We'll spend time networking and discussing how to start the year off with positivity!

  • Online
  • Philadelphia
Coffee Conversations: Leading with Confidence

Join Ellevate Denver for our monthly coffee meet-up. The topic this month is leading with confidence! Grab a coffee, bring your confidence challenges, and let's find solutions.

  • Online
  • Denver
Entrepreneurs Roundtable: Expanding Your Toolbox For Greater Clarity

Create greater clarity to take your next business steps by tapping into visual and kinesthetic processing strategies which keep you centered.

  • Online
Rising Leaders Roundtable: Going from Peer to Boss

It can be difficult to adapt to changing dynamics, especially when you change from "one of the team" to the boss. How do you manage this changing relationship with your former peers?

  • Online
Virtual Coffee Chat: Claim Your Intention in One Word

Join in the conversation with Chris Johnson, PsyD, founder of Q4 Consulting, for a monthly, virtual Coffee Chat exploring various topics throughout the year.

  • Online
  • Chicago
NEW *ON-LINE* Book Club/ January:  ''Lean In'' by Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook

​Join us for our newest monthly event where we engage, share & discuss our learnings from some of the bestselling & inspirational personal development books. January read: ''Lean In''. FREE for all

  • Online
  • Dubai
January Book Club - The Ins and Outs of My Vagina

Join us for an intimate and eye-opening evening! You'll leave feeling better acquainted with your body and ready to start the New Year off right!

  • Online
  • Fairfield | Westchester
Thought Leadership Workshop: Share Your Message Confidently

Engage Your Audience with Impact and Ease to Grow Your Business Now. Discover how to authentically raise your impact and always feel self-assured when engaging your audience.

  • Online
  • Northern New Jersey
DFW Wednesday Wind Down

Join members (and guests) as we casually gather and connect with other professionals in the DFW area. Share what you're working on (wins and challenges) and get to know each other.

  • Online
  • Dallas - Fort Worth
Ellevate 101: New Member Welcome and Information Session

Learn how your Ellevate membership provides opportunities to talk to and learn from other women who can help you build a career you love.

  • Online
POD Club: 2022 Trends and Expectations

Networking with a twist of learning. Join other Ellevate members with interest in the same topic. Share your questions, thoughts, or what you’ve heard on recent podcasts. Each month is a new topic.

  • Online
  • Los Angeles
Seattle Executive Only Community Breakfast: How Do We Bring Creativity to the New Year?

Kick off 2022 with inspiration and motivation at our Virtual Executive Breakfast! We’re here to build camaraderie and support each other as we navigate all the new year has in store.

  • Online
  • Seattle | Bellevue | Puget Sound
Workshop: The Business Side of The Side Hustle

Members will learn how to navigate the often-times confusing (and even frustrating!) in's and out's of the business side of creating a passionate and successful side hustle.

  • Online
  • Boston
Virtual Happy Hour: Nice Teams Finish Last

Join the Phoenix Chapter for a happy hour with a twist....a twist of education that is! We'll start the evening off with a presentation on what it means to be "toxic nice" then add in some networking!

  • Online
  • Phoenix
Holding Space: A Community Circle for Black Women

We invite you into a safe space for the Black women of the Ellevate community to come together and discuss the issues that we face and to provide each other with support.

  • Online
Executive Roundtable: Constructive Conflict & Accountability: Executive Management Skills That Keep You Out of Court

Adding value as an executive often hinges on one’s ability to manage people, resources, and risk. Executive management skills that keep you out of court.

  • Online
What's Next - A Roundtable for Seasoned Professionals

Happy New Year! It's a time for re-birth and new beginnings. What are yours? Join the conversation as we discuss our next steps as seasoned professionals.

  • Online