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We’re redefining networking.

Ellevate is a place where you'll belong, not a sea of faceless connections. Our members are people who you can trust and genuinely want to help you succeed.

Executive Roundtable: Better Boundaries for Better Leadership

Are you fearful of the ramifications of holding boundaries and lack the tools for doing it in an unapologetic way? Join us to learn how to set intentions and hold boundaries.

  • Online
Rising Leaders Roundtable: Be a Manager Your Team Can Trust

When managers treat their staff as equals and really help them find and develop their uniqueness, they will build trusting relationships.

  • Online
Executive Roundtable: Creating Exponential Impact in Uncertain Times

Is there a way to truly assess your impact? Join our guest speakers from Columbia U. to learn about the Impact Model framework to help you self-assess and build your roadmap for creating impact.

  • Online
Executive Roundtable: From Invisible to Influential

First it was The Great Resignation, now it's Quiet Quitting - all this equals employee disengagement. Join us to discuss how to stave off workplace ennui and build a strong team culture.

  • Online
Rising Leaders Roundtable: How Your Network Can Help You Conquer Your Self-Limiting Beliefs

Leave with insights and best practices for how to overcome self-limiting beliefs, by tapping into the power of your network.

  • Online
Executive Roundtable: Virtual Networking Ellevated

This virtual networking hour is the space you need to form authentic and organic connections with other incredible women in a low-pressure setting.

  • Online
Executive Roundtable: This a (Wo)man's World

Are you a female leader in a male-dominated industry or function? Join us to discuss how to become an influencer rather than a participant in your workplace.

  • Online