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We’re redefining networking.

Ellevate is a place where you'll belong, not a sea of faceless connections. Our members are people who you can trust and genuinely want to help you succeed.

Seattle's June Executive Community Breakfast: The Key to Success in a Lifestyle Improvement

Join us for inspiration and motivation at our June Virtual Executive Breakfast! We’re here to build meaningful local and digital relationships that can offer insights and open doors.

  • Online
  • Seattle | Bellevue | Puget Sound
Rising Leaders Roundtable: How To Get Out of Your Own Way

Have you ever felt stuck and don't know why? Sometimes we just tend to get in our own way. Learn how to make progress and move forward.

  • Online
Entrepreneurs Roundtable: Moving into High Gear to Drive Your Business Forward

Find clarity in chaos, eliminate burnout, and create ease and flow to achieve more in life and business!

  • Online
Rising Leaders Roundtable: Building Your Influence in Your Company

You don't want to be just a fly in the wall - if you are going to get ahead you need to shine. And to get people in your corner. Learn how to manage across an organization and not just up or down.

  • Online
Entrepreneurs Roundtable: Open Networking Hour!

Form authentic connections with other powerful Ellevate members in this semi-structured event!

  • Online
Twin Cities Coffee Chat

Join us on Zoom for our virtual chat. Spend quality time before work for a cup of coffee and a chance to network with intention. We'll lead a great conversation on the monthly topic & network!

  • Online
  • Twin Cities - Minneapolis | St. Paul
Ellevate Business Connect:  Networking IN-PERSON

RE-connect with local member and entrepreneurs during this in-person event.

  • Cincinnati, OH
In Person
Calm & Connect: Sunday Meditation and Conversation

First time Meditating or a regular practitioner? Come connect w. other amazing individuals around the world for a powerful, accessible Meditation event.

  • Online
  • Houston
Executive Roundtable: Finding Power in Your Voice

Lead with your heart and your voice. Learn how to optimize audio storytelling for your brand, your business or your career.

  • Online
Executive Collaborative: Getting There From Here..Strategies for Your Business & Life

Let's take a deep dive into who you are, what you value and what really matters. Carol Walkner, MA RN, will guide this conversation and help us use a "mind mapping" exercise to discover what drives us

  • Online
  • Long Island
Reinvention: 4 Keys to Have the Extraordinary Relationship You Want

You are the best possible you, you reinvent yourself often but how often do you look how to reinvent your loving relationships. Come join this powerful conversation.

  • Online
  • Cincinnati
Entrepreneurs Roundtable: Social Selling and Building Your Presence

Learn how to engage with potential clients organically over social media.

  • Online
No Sweat Reconnect Happy Hour at the Driving Range

Summer is here and we’re ready to get out and host a happy hour at the driving range with our sponsor Plum Coaching and HR Consulting!

  • Seattle, WA
In Person
Workshop: How to Confidently Tell People “What You Do” and Be Remembered

Stumble no more when someone asks ‘What do you do for work?’ After this workshop, you will be able to answer confidently with a power-punching two-liner that will be memorable and impactful

  • Online
  • Boston
Nashville Coffee, Connections, & Conversations: The Networks You Need / Finding Your Squad

Start your day on a positive note with Ellevate Nashville. Bring a coffee or tea, join us virtually for meaningful conversation, and leave with a new friend, mentor, or business connection.

  • Online
  • Nashville
Tips to Enhance Your Social Media Presence

Join us as PR, Social Media and Content pro Emily Cornell shares tips and tricks on how to enhance your professional social media presence.

  • Online
  • Orange County
Rising Leaders Roundtable: Leadership Lessons from Unexpected Places

We don't always know what our personal leadership style is, or how it fits into our team's dynamic. Where can you look to for guidance?

  • Online
Entrepreneurs Roundtable: Leveraging LinkedIn for Lead Generation

LinkedIn changes often - learn how to best use it to generate new leads today.

  • Online
Ellevate Business Connect: How Do You Display Your Brillance?

Everyone has a unique talent and brilliance. What's your brilliance and how does it help you to succeed? What brilliance do you need to add to help your business to grow?

  • Online
  • Cincinnati
Executive Roundtable: 3 Keys to Reinventing Your Relationship with Money and Preparing Yourself for a Later-Stage Career Pivot

Join us and our speaker Ruchi Pinniger to discuss the pathway to prosperity

  • Online
POD Club: Businesses Doing Social Good

Networking with a twist of learning. Join other Ellevate members with interest in the same topic. Share your questions, thoughts, or what you’ve heard on recent podcasts. Each month is a new topic.

  • Online
  • Los Angeles
Talking Entrepreneurship & Pets, with a Side of Resilience

Network, and hear from member Amber Sutfin on what it was like opening a business in the middle of the pandemic (we'll cover entrepreneurship, overcoming adversity, grit--and pets!).

  • Pittsburgh, PA
In Person
*ON-LINE* Book Club/ July: ''It's About Damn Time''

​Join us for our monthly event to discuss our learnings from some of the bestselling & inspirational personal development books. July read: It's About Damn Time by Arlan Hamilton. FREE for all!

  • Online
  • Dubai
Virtual Coffee Chat: Mid-Year Mindfulness: Deal with Imposter Syndrome & Re-ignite Your Intention

Join in the conversation with Chris Johnson, PsyD, founder of Q4 Consulting, for a monthly, virtual Coffee Chat exploring various topics throughout the year.

  • Online
  • Chicago
Rising Leaders Roundtable: Expanding Your Network With Purpose

We'll talk through the five types of people you need in your network and how to best build relationships, both short term and long term.

  • Online
Entrepreneurs Roundtable: Packaging Your Expertise in Group Programs for a Greater ROI

If you're looking to scale up your business but don't have any more hours in the day to take individual clients, maybe it's time to think about group programs!

  • Online
Executive Roundtable: New Norms for Non-Traditional Teams and Teamwork

Join us and our speaker Dr. Paulette J. Evans to discuss how to promote effectiveness through teamwork across teams in a semi-COVID era.

  • Online
**IN-PERSON** Happy Hour at HONU- Long Island Chapter

We are happy to be back to in-person events on Long Island! Meet and greet new and old friends, enjoy good drinks, good food, and good conversations to build meaningful connections!

  • Huntington, NY
In Person
Rising Leaders Roundtable: Sparking Curiosity to Lead Yourself and Others Beyond High Performance

How can leaders spark curiosity in order to move out of de-energizing complaints and into an energizing vision that would be thrilling to achieve?

  • Online
Entrepreneurs Roundtable: Scaling You (How to Find the Right Freelancers to Grow Your Business)

If you're looking to scale up your business but don't have any more hours in the day, maybe it's time to find some help!

  • Online