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Chapters FAQ

Event Planning

My chapter is planning an event, what steps should we take to communicate it to our members?

Here are the key steps:

  • Confirm all event logistics: Speaker, venue, sponsors (if possible) and ticket price are set.
  • Post the event on the website. Don’t forget to include all the information, and watch our quick tutorial which shows you all the steps on posting events. Chapter resources can be found here.
  • Review Your Event Notifications: Once you’ve posted the event on the website, three event invitations and two event reminders for people who have registered will be automatically generated in the Event Notifications tool based on your event’s title and short description. The language comes directly from the short description, so keep that in mind. Review the invitations and feel free to edit them! More information on our Event Notifications tool can be found here.
  • Promote your event. Use chapter social media accounts to share with your community, and don’t forget to tell your family and friends. Questions about social media? Please contact Tina or Johanna.
  • Monitor your RSVP list. Remember that there are usually some no shows to events, keep this in mind as you plan. If RSVPs are low, make sure to leverage social media, and let us know so we can help you promote it.

Can my chapter use Eventbrite or another event registration service?

All Chapter events should be set up on our website. Registrations will be handled through the event posting and the money will flow through the website into your chapter bank account. This makes everything easier for you to manage.

How do I track who’s registered?

To review who has signed up for an event, all you have to do is go back to the event posting. The registrations will be at the bottom of the page.

At the Event

Can people pay to attend the event at the time of the event?

No, unfortunately for security reasons, all attendees must register in advance through the website. No funds can be collected on site.

Can people sign up to become members at the event?

Yes—as long as you have access to the internet, you can have the person go directly to the website and sign up immediately on site.

How many events a year should we hold?

Each Chapter should plan at least 6 events a year including one major annual event. Post your events as far in advance as possible to drive attendance and build interest and engagement in your community.

Chapter Communications in the Newsletter

How do I use the newsletter to tell my Chapter about an event?

The first step is to post the event on, following the event posting guidelines above. This will automatically generate three invitations (and two reminders) based on your event’s short description. These notifications will be delivered to all Ellevate members and subscribers in your area, by way of the newsletter.

Can I send dedicated emails about events? What about a chapter newsletter?

No. At this point, we’re handling all communication with members via the newsletter. This helps us keep our promise to our members to limit our emails to once per day.

Can I email chapter members about events from my own email?

No. We have to remain compliant with CAN-SPAM laws, which means not emailing groups of people from personal emails. It is important that we respect member decisions about whether or not to subscribe, or how frequently they will receive emails.

Can I send invitations for my event more than once per week?

As of now, no. Some members have chosen to receive the newsletter on a weekly basis, so it is currently only possible to send one reminder per event per week. We are working on a solution that may increase this limit and improve event visibility for daily subscribers.

I want my contacts to receive emails from Ellevate so they are invited to our events. How do I upload a list?

Thanks for wanting to spread the word to your networks about Ellevate and our events! Your contacts can sign up to receive the newsletter here; due to CAN-SPAM laws we can’t sign them up in bulk.

Marketing and Social Media

Can my chapter have a Facebook page?

We are consolidating our Facebook “Likes” in our main Facebook page and ask that you direct traffic there. Our page is

If you’d like to post on our page, you can do so; we’ll repost and share.

Can my chapter have a LinkedIn group?

We ask that chapters direct everyone to our LinkedIn page and our main Ellevate LinkedIn Group. You can post discussions in our group.

Can my chapter have a Twitter account?

Yes! And we’d love for you to live tweet your events. If you’re a new chapter, contact HQ to set up your Twitter account in the format used by chapters.

Chapter Leadership Team Questions

Our chapter has a new officer. How do I add her to the website?

Please email us with her name, email address and any other background information. (Email to Your new chapter officer must fill out and sign this the Officer Agreement. Chapter resources can be found here.

One of our team members stepped down, how do I remove them from the website?

You can do it on your chapter page by going to the edit section. Please note you have to be the Chapter President to make these changes. Don’t forget to let HQ know about the change (email

Do chapter officers receive a complimentary membership?

Yes, all chapter officers in good standing receive a complimentary membership at the Achiever level while serving.

Where can I find the chapter officer/chapter president/treasurer agreements?

Chapter resources can be found here.

Where can I get an overview of all the moving parts, the Chapters “101”?

Review the Chapter Resource Guide for an overview. Chapter resources can be found here.