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Invest in Your Employees

You know the business case for investing in women. And your company’s internal networks do a great job. To build on their work, many companies find that partnering with an external network – with the breadth of events and education that a network the size of Ellevate can bring – can provide great additional resources, and a boost, for their women.

Meeting and networking with other, like-minded professionals can have a positive impact on your female employees…..and can lead to their raising their business profile in their communities. Heck, let’s admit it: our women do a lot of business with each other. As the research says: Networking is the number one unwritten rule of success in business.

Further proof of the benefits of an external network? Our members have a substantially lower professional attrition rate than the average, at all stages of their careers.

Investing in your women by partnering with Ellevate is simply smart business.