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Using Overseas and Global Assignments to Catapult Your Career

Online • December 13, 2016

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Join us for this Jam Session with Perry Yeatman to discuss how to effectively advocate for and negotiate landing an overseas or global role in your career.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST

Today, the overwhelming majority of international or global assignments go to men. Why is that? What does that mean for women? It happens largely because women all too often fail to effectively advocate for ourselves at work. And the implications are huge: slower promotions, lower salaries, less general management experience early on, and given how many organizations of all types are “global” in nature these days, it ultimately hinders our ability to land CEO and other senior management roles.

Join us for this Jam Session with Perry Yeatman, Founder and CEO of Your Career, Your Terms, to learn:

  • How to decide what type of international/global role is right for you
  • How to effectively advocate for and negotiate landing that role
  • What to do to be successful once you get there
  • How to convert it into ever bigger and better things down the line

Perry Yeatman is a 30+ year career veteran, who was literally paid well to travel the world and work on some of the most interesting issues facing society. She’s been a global consultant, senior corporate executive and an entrepreneur. She is also author of the award-winning book called “Get Ahead by Going Abroad,” a frequent contributor to Fortune’s MPW network and now Founder and CEO of Your Career, Your TermsTM, a free online resource designed to help all women have the careers and lives of their dreams.

We'll be live tweeting this session, so be sure to follow along with @EllevateNtwk and #GlobalBiz.


Perry Yeatman

Perry Yeatman

CEO, Perry Yeatman Global Partners LLC

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