How to Chart A Path Between Business and Parenthood

Tue, Apr 25 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

Hosted by ReadyTalk Tue, Apr 25 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

In this Jam Session, Susan Michel and her daughter, Carol Ann, will talk about what worked, what didn’t, and what she learned while building her company and balancing her duties as a parent.

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It’s well documented that Millennial women want to include personal and family time in their career paths – but what are the realities of getting both their workplace and family on board to achieve it?  As the founder and CEO of a thriving financial services firm and mother of four adult children, Susan Michel was an early architect of a flexible, integrated workplace. In this unique Jam Session, she will bring on her daughter, Carol Ann, today a successful financial services executive, to give her candid assessment of what worked, what didn’t and what she learned when she was building her company. 

Join Susan and Carol Ann for an interactive discussion around issues such as:

  • Balancing duties as a parent and an entrepreneur, from a mother and daughter’s perspective.
  • Meeting promises to establish clear deliverables and time frames while preserving flexibility in physical presence.
  • Accessibility to family. Technology is the greatest enabler of working parents. Learn how to set clear times of availability for work and family.
  • Shedding the guilt. There are creative ways to get children onboard.

Susan Michel is a former teacher and now the Founder and CEO of Glen Eagle Advisors LLC, a women-owned (WBENC-Certified) financial services firm that is focused on helping their clients, advisors and employees realize their hopes and dreams.


Brittany Philip
April 25, 2017

Hey! Will this webinar be available for those of us who missed it?

Johanna Pulgarin
April 25, 2017

Hi Brittany, Absolutely! The recording will be up on this page tomorrow afternoon.