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Identifying and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Online • November 21, 2017

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In this Jam Session, Hira Ali will teach you what imposter syndrome is and how to overcome it.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST

We've all experienced a feeling of inadequacy regarding our self-worth and whether or not we are qualified enough to achieve something, especially when we are pushed outside our comfort zone or doing something for the first time. Despite repeated external evidence of competence, people still feel this way. This fear or feeling is called Impostor Syndrome.

In this session, Hira Ali will talk to us about: 

  • Exactly what Imposter Syndrome is and what feelings and thoughts are involved when one is experiencing it
  • How to be more self aware of your emotions, thoughts and feelings
  • How to identify limiting beliefs and toxic thought traps and how to question them effectively
  • Coping strategies to help you overcome Impostor Syndrome
  • How to to negate the impact of this syndrome by reframing your perception of failure and by re- evaluating the context of your situation, 

You will will walk away learning how to own it like it was always yours!

Hira Ali is a mompreneur, Leadership Trainer, Motivational speaker, Writer, Certified Professional Coach & licensed NLP Practitioner. She holds an MBA in Human Resources and is a certified PHR (Professional in Human Resources) and SHRM-CP. She has also been certified as a trainer from Door International. Hira has extensive experience in conducting competency based training need analysis while partnering with functional heads.She has designed exclusive courses for her female colleagues and has been invited as a guest speaker to educational institutes & has been associated with teaching various HR subjects.

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